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Kate Ulberg is a third-generation Californian who began her guiding career as a cook/driver-guide for Stanford Alumni tours to Hopi-Navajo country and as a teacher of Nordic skiing in the Sierra Nevada. In the 1980s, Kate led a hiking tour in Japan and quickly fell in love with Japan's aesthetics, the kindness of the people, and the beauty of the mountains, temples, and gardens. She kept returning to Japan as a hiking guide and now some 30 years later, she remains deeply connected to this country, having learned the history, the customs, the cultural do's and don'ts, the language, and having made many friends there. "Every trip to Japan for me is like returning home and bringing new friends. My trips offer an introduction to the culture, the food, the history, the sights, the arts," says Kate, "and at journey's end, I hope that trip members feel that they have experienced Japan, not just visited."

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Client Testimonials

Kate's love and knowledge of Japan is evident and she has the ability to pass that love on to her clients.
— Kim S., Half Moon Bay, CA
Japan: Castles, Samurai, and Legends
There are no trip leaders better than Kate. Besides the design of the itinerary she does an excellent job making sure that all travelers have a great experience. She shares her extensive knowledge of Japan in a very easy to understand way. She also has made a number of local contacts in Japan who also add to the richness of the trip.
— Bob S., Half Moon Bay, CA
Japan: Castles, Samurai, and Legends
Kate's knowledge of Japan and the relationships she has developed over the years allowed us to have a unique experience and insight into some rare treasures. Those treasures could never be outlined in a catalog as they are Kate's personal touch.
— Michaeline R., Sierra Madre, CA
Temples, Treasures, and Teahouses
Kate's knowledge and her love for Japan is evident and infectious. We have not been disappointed on any of our four trips to different areas of Japan with her. We look forward to visiting other areas of Japan with her.
— Kim S., Half Moon Bay, CA
Japan: Snow Monkeys and Winter Cranes
Can't say enough good things about Kate. In many ways she ‘made’ the trip. Can't imagine going on this trip with anyone else.
— Jay G., St. Petersburg, FL
Temples, Treasures, and Teahouses
Because of Kate's contacts we were able to do things like have dinner at her friend's house, that you wouldn't be able to do on other tours.
— Laura B., Seattle, WA
Temples, Treasures, and Teahouses
Traveling with Kate is like traveling with a knowledgeable friend rather than a professional trip leader.
— Jeff S., Calabasas, CA
Japan: The Road to the North
Kate is amazing, fun, and did a great job of exposing us to a wide variety of Japanese cultural experiences.
— Mary P., Yakima, WA
Temples, Treasures, and Teahouses
Kate really made us all love Japan, even those who were not really expecting to do so.
— Donna V., Paris, France
Temples, Treasures, and Teahouses
Kate is very knowledgeable and was a wonderful guide. Her experience in the country as well as her proficiency in Japanese were invaluable and added greatly to our experience.
— Martha G., Cambridge, MA
Temples, Treasures & Teahouses
It was a pleasure to travel with Kate. Her love of Japan is obvious and her knowledge extensive. Besides all that, she was fun to be with.
— Phyliss P., San Diego CA
Outstanding leader. I’ve been on 17 WT trips and all the leaders have been excellent. Kate is among the very best I’ve experienced.
— Chris R., Palo Alto CA
Temples, Treasures & Teahouses
Kate took very good care of us. Her established relationships with people in Japan added to our enjoyment of the trip.
— Ruth & Jim G., Del Mar CA
Temples, Treasures & Teahouses
Kate is knowledgeable, informative, a great trip leader. I have taken many trips and never enjoyed one more.
— Jean G., Menlo Park CA
Temples, Treasures & Teahouses
Kate is very respectful of Japanese culture and a great pleasure to be with day in and day out. Trains, futons, monasteries, temples, inns, baths, meals, educational meetings—all wonderful. Kate made this a great trip.
— Cynthia J., Newport OK