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Mahmut Turhanoglu

Mahmut Turhanoglu graduated from Tarsus American College and studied TV Broadcasting at the University of Anadolu. He later worked for five years as a producer of television commercials. In 1986, he had the opportunity to work and travel with British author and explorer Tim Severin on a research project for Severin’s book Crusader: By Horse to Jerusalem. That experience, along with Mahmut’s passion for Turkey’s folklore, history, and current affairs, inspired him to become a full-time professional guide. “I love introducing people to the small villages in Turkey, including places like Bezirgan, with its great hospitality and delicious home-made food, and I really love the hikes on our Turquoise Coast trip. My favorite is Ekincik to Caunos, the walk through the pine forests above the sea to the Caunos ruins—it’s a very special hike.“ Mahmut has led journeys for us over 15 years, and has visited the US and Europe many times. He resides in Antalya on the Turquoise Coast.

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Client Testimonials

Mahmut's love for Turkey and personal experiences added to the depth of enjoyment for our trip.
— Deborah S., Jonesborough, TN
The Turquoise Coast
Mahmut was the very BEST! He is so knowledgable, provided a rich and informative trip, was patient, understanding, helpful, and all with a sense of humor! His people skills are wonderful.
— Terry and Tom H., Kalispell, MT
The Turquoise Coast
Mahmut’s experience, knowledge, and passion were apparent and made this trip especially enjoyable.
— Sandy B., Portland, OR
The Turquoise Coast
Mahmut is an outstanding, knowledgeable guide who was personable, witty, and interesting. He anticipated our needs and never failed to provide competent, informative answers to our many questions.
— Suzanne S., Richmond, VA
The Turquoise Coast
Mahmut was an excellent leader with great insight into the archaeological sites, ancient history, cultural matters, and political events. He answered all our inquiries (and had great patience with our silly ones), and always went out of his way to help every one of us.
— Paul M., Richmond, VA
The Turquoise Coast
Mahmut set the gold standard for Trip Leader. He was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, had exceptional interpersonal skills, and handled every situation with grace and calm demeanor.
— Lynn C., Bellevue, WA
The Turquoise Coast
Mahmut took very good care of us, was great fun to be around, and took us on a culinary tour of Turkey that was awesome. A great guide on the hikes and he does know his country's history. I can't imagine anyone could have made the adventure any better!
— Susan C., Colorado Springs, CO
Turkey Private Journey
Mahmut could not have been more attentive or concerned about all of us. The best Trip Leader I’ve ever had.
— Alan R., New Canaan CT
A delightful, conscientious gentleman. Intelligent, diplomatic, helpful, fun to be around. Seems to really like his work and puts himself out for everyone. Could not have asked for more kindness and professionalism.
— Madelaine B., Bellevue WA
Mahmut was a joy to meet and travel with around Turkey. He is knowledgeable and incredibly patient. He is also caring and thoughtful about ancient and modern Turkey.
— Michael R., Damestown, MD
Mamhut Turhanoglu is an excellent guide with a kind and patient manner.
— Gordon W., Victoria, BC Canada
Mahmut Turhanoglu was a fantastic trip leader, very knowledgeable and friendly. He went above and beyond.
— Mary Beth Pierog, Arlington, MA
Mahmut Turhanoglu is the best guide I have had on any trip I’ve been on. He has a great sense of humor and went way beyond his typical guiding duties. He was amazing.
— Lori H., Palo Alto, CA
Mahmut was the best! Fun, smart, caring, patient, and an answer to every question. He made this trip extraordinary!
— Joanna S. and Dan L., Trumbull, CT
Turquoise Coast
I cannot speak highly enough of Mahmut’s leadership. He was organized, interesting, well prepared, and juggled the needs of 12 people with great finesse.
— Sarah Beekley, Palo Alto CA
Turquoise Coast
WT has a treasure in this trip leader! Mahmut is absolutely the best. We all felt safe, happy, relaxed, and challenged.
— Gretchen and Peter I., Mendocino CA
Turquoise Coast