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Jan Tiddo Post

Jan was raised on the west coast of the Netherlands, with outdoor adventure right at his doorstep. He lived his early days sailing, surfing, or cycling. After working on a private sailing yacht in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, he developed an interest in scuba diving and became a dive instructor. Not much later, he ended up in the Galápagos where he now works as a naturalist guide, both underwater and on land. What he likes most about his current job is that, as a naturalist, you never stop learning. He is very interested in zoology, oceanography geology, and biogeography. With its biodiversity, active volcanoes, and many cultures, Ecuador is a fantastic base for a naturalist and Jan is confident that it will perk many more fields of interest. When not leading trips, Jan enjoys surfing and baking bread and pastries with his daughters.

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Client Testimonials

We have had some really excellent guides on our trips with Wilderness Travel. Jan was the best yet. Kind, knowledgeable, articulate, humorous, fun, passionate. He sent me home inspired to learn so much more about the natural world.
— Ed D., Alameda, CA
Enchanted Isles
Jan is a gem! Wonderful demeanor and personality, great sense of humor, intelligent and a phenomenal naturalist! His evening lectures were excellent and I really enjoyed his descriptions of the animals, insects, fauna, geology, and history of the islands. He's also an interesting conversationalist. We felt so fortunate to have him as our guide.
— Jerry H., Minneapolis, MN
Galapagos Adventure
Jan was an amazing trip leader and very knowledgeable about a broad range of aspects related to the trip, including the history of the islands, the vegetation, the animals on both land and sea, our impact to the environment, including the sea turtle nests and interaction with the wildlife, as well as professional tips for taking photographs. His daily presentations were interesting and informative, and there were always many daily activities to choose from, including hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking.
— Susan M., Berwyn, PA
Enchanted Isles
Our naturalist/guide Jan Tiddo Post was outstanding—knowledgeable, enthusiastic, good natured—and left us with a deep appreciation of the uniqueness and fragility of all the areas we visited in the Galapagos Islands.
— Irene F., ,
Enchanted Isles aboard the Mary Anne
This was the greatest nature experience of my life and it was all due to Jan Post. He was a most knowledgeable and passionate guide, almost every night giving interesting and enthusiastic talks.
— Michael L., Sutton, MA
Enchanted Isles aboard the Mary Anne
Jan's knowledge and guidance on the nature walks on the islands as well as snorkeling and panga rides gave me a knowledge of the Galápagos that I will always treasure.
— Regina N., Huntersville, NC
Galapagos Adventure
Can't say enough about Jan. A truly gifted individual who went above and beyond for everyone on the trip.
— Michael M., Pleasantville, NY
Galapagos Adventure
In addition to Jan's knowledge and expertise, he was funny and warm and treated each client in a personal and special way.
— Nancy M., Pleasantville, NY
Galapagos Adventure
Jan was perfect for this extended journey and fit in with all the personalities and interests of each and every participant and crew member. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
— Jim L., San Clemente, CA
Ultimate Galapagos
As a guide, Jan is nothing short of superb. He's informative, entertaining, and inspirational!
— Elsie M., Providence, RI
Ultimate Galapagos