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Eka Tchvritidze

Eka Tchvritidze, a native of Georgia and skilled mountaineer, has an enthusiasm for the Georgian mountains and its people that is simply unparalleled. She is also a very accomplished Tushetian equestrian. Riding since the age of one—when, as Eka explains, “my grandfather demanded the little bundle of baby to be sat upon the horse!”—in 2000 Eka became the first woman in Tushetian history to win the Tushetoba Horse Race. In her own words, "Every breath I take I think of horses and the mountains." Eka graduated from Trinity Episcopal School in Virginia, USA, earned a BA in International Business at the University of Tbilisi, and has been leading adventures in the Caucasus Mountains for WT since 2011. She is also an official tourism development officer and has worked with many non-governmental organizations in Georgia. On the side, Eka keeps herself busy with her young children and her hundreds of beehives and successful honey business. She and her Danish husband own a winery, producing wines of unique Georgian grape varietals from their own vineyards. Eka loves to share these wines, and above all, to share in the Georgian tradition of making toasts!

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Client Testimonials

This was our first WT trip. We have been with other companies and over 20 trips, so we know what a good guide is about. Eka is top notch. She is a gem and I can't imagine anyone presenting Georgia as well as she has.
— John Y., Novato, CA
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka is teriffic, knowledgeable and passionate about her country. I think she knows everyone in Georgia, or at least in Tusheti. She helped make the trip unforgettable.
— Ian C., Atlanta, GA
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka was a joy; very enthusiastic and positive about her country; and very welcoming to all the trip members.
— Lee Ann P., Albuquerque, NM
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka was astounding for her personal connections that made it possible to dive deeply into contemporary Georgian culture. She is exceptionally personable, and knows many people in the areas that we were traveling in. As a result, we were encouraged and made able to feel part of her broad Georgian community. The direct connections with current peoples and culture that Eka enabled were absolutely incredible and irreplaceable.
— Victoria T., Mill Valley, CA
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka was an enthusiastic ambassador for Georgia and for the Tusheti region in particular. She relayed a large amount fascinating history about the country, both ancient and modern.
— Suzanne and Brady M., Friendswood, TX
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka's attitude is infectious—she's very enthusiastic about her country and everything she introduces the group to. She is a delight!
— Leslie S., Berkeley, CA
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka is a marvel. Not only is she fun-loving and generous, she is extremely resourceful. On our first day driving to the mountains, we hit an impasse. A mudslide had washed out the road. She and her drivers shoveled the loose rock, building a bridge across the running water, and eventually, we were able to drive across. I felt safe the entire time. I also noticed that she is sensitive to each traveler's needs, and she ably balanced the wishes of one with the rest of the group's.
— Elizabeth J., Raleigh, NC
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Our trip leader, Eka, enchanted us with her energy, high spirits, enthusiasm, and love for her country. Thanks to her amazing being, we all enjoyed a very special introduction to the Tusheti mountains and beyond.
— Kat C., Albuquerque, NM
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
One of the most dynamic and EXCELLENT guides we have ever had!
— Bernie W., Bethesda, MD
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka is a wonderful ambassador for both Georgia and Wilderness Travel!
— Tom G., Baltimore, MD
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka was wonderful—engaging, passionate, friendly, knowledgeable.
— Joe L., Baltimore, MD
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
The experience in Tusheti National Park was unparalleled due to Eka's knowledge of the area and its people. Her enthusiasm for the region is contagious and her willingness to share her deep knowledge of the area's history makes the trip special.
— Gary S., Charlotte, NC
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka was a joy to be around. We didn't feel like tourists, we felt like friends she had invited to Georgia so she could share her deep love and knowledge of her country with us.
— Cathy S., Charlotte, NC
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka is an amazing leader. She is full of enthusiasm, warmth, and love, and she shares with us her love of Georgia and its mountains and people. She made our trip very special!
— Alla M., North Kingstown, RI
Hiker's Journey to the Caucasus
Eka is top notch. She exudes passion, patriotism, personality, and caring devotion. One cannot ask for more in a leader.
— Shelley G., New York, NY,
Trekking in the Caucasus