Sochorova zuzana

Zuzana Sochorova

Zuzana Sochorova comes from the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, a region full of sunshine and vineyards, and has a degree in Economics and Marketing from the University in Ostrava. She loves her work as a guide and takes great delight in meeting new people and showing them the most beautiful and fascinating aspects of the Czech Republic. When not guiding or studying, Zuzana enjoys long walks with her dog, taking belly dancing lessons, and skiing.

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Client Testimonials

Zuzana is the quintessential leader, not only in the overall handling of trip operations, but in the way she related to each and every participant. She is calm, professional, and skillful about changing plans when issues arise, and a master of logistics. Beyond that, she is a warm and welcoming person who relates extremely well to people.
— Midge M., Alameda, CA
From Bratislava to Prague
Zuzana is amazing, and in combination with Jiri, they are the best team I have been with in my 11 WT trips. Zuzana is cheerful, always ready to help or inform, and very organized and effective.
— Gary B., Hanover, NH
From Bratislava to Prague
I cannot overstate the excellence of our guides. Their commitment to excellence and to our having experiences each day which increased our awareness and understanding was endless. I am so grateful. Zuzana's organizational skills and her knowledge of the area provided a constant learning environment.
— Sonya M., Cary, NC
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana is a terrific trip leader. She brings a passion for the Czech Republic along with a desire to teach, and weaves a magical tour of the countryside and culture.
— Karl G., Davis, CA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana made us completely at home on the trip including wonderful local picnics featuring local produce and even a home-cooked meal with her mom!
— Chris R., Denver, CO
Czech Castles and Country Walks
A fabulous guide—she always put the clients first and truly worked to make our experience something very special.
— Neill A., Napa, CA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was an outstanding guide! We were impressed with her specific knowledge of the area and of the history of the Czech lands, as well as her interest and love of sharing her country with us.
— Liz K., Madison, WI
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was the best in every respect—knowledgeable, caring, flexible, fun, professional, just perfect! She loves doing what she does and relating to people. She knew everyone along the way and arranged everything so easily.
— Denny H., Mercer Island, WA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was unbelievably great (we wanted to take her home with us)! She was knowledgable, thoughtful, fun, and so very helpful. I don't think we would have enjoyed the trip without her enthusiasm, patience, and sense of humor.
— Nancy M., Orleans, MA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
She was great and always helpful. Anticipated needs, responded to requests, cheerful, professional, knowledgable, and fun.
— Suzanne B., Mora, MN
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was terrific! Knowledgeable, interesting, and a terrific and fun companion.
— Lori B., Newton, MA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Thoughtful, helpful, informative—it doesn't get any better.
— Abigail W., Washington, DC
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was a joy to be with. Her impressive knowledge of her country, caring nature, and charming personality made for a wonderful week.
— Cathy S., Charlotte, NC
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was wonderful, a real treasure and a great pleasure to come to know. She was extremely articulate, with a broad knowledge base that included both distant and recent Czech history.
— Jan K., Titusville, NJ
Czech Castles and Country Walks
My husband and I really enjoyed Zuzana's company, her expertise, her bright smile, her organizational and people skills. I can't rave enough about her or the trip.
— Joanne J., Los Angeles, CA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana’s smile brightened even gloomy days. Both Zuzana and Kamila did their best to make the trip a memorable experience, and it was!
— Martha T., Czech Castles & Country Walks
Zuzana was such a joy to travel with and full of great information to boot. She really enhanced every aspect of our journey in every way possible.
— Staci T., Nashville TN, Czech Castles & Country Walks
Zuzana does an outstanding job. Her love for her country is evident and she is a very caring person who goes out of her way to get to know everyone on the trip.
— Larry S., Dayton Ohio, Czech Castles & Country Walks