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Timothy Smith

Timothy (Tim) Smith was born in Zimbabwe and spent his youth exploring the country with his family, developing a fascination with nature. His family moved to Australia when he was ten, but Tim retained his passion for the African bush and started working at Greater Kruger National Park. After receiving his Field Guides of Southern Africa qualification, he moved to Namibia, where he assisted in the reintroduction of African wild dog on Erindi Game Reserve and participated in the Global Leopard Project. Tim has a passion for wildlife photography and loves sharing his knowledge of birds, reptiles, and African wild dogs.

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Client Testimonials

Tim is a top notch guide. His knowledge of animals and their behavior, flora, and the environment, the history and culture of Namibia, and the backcountry’s often-not-marked road system was comprehensive. He made efforts to cater to everyone’s interests while also working hard behind the scenes to make the trip seamless. And his engagement with the group and always friendly and positive demeanor helped make the trip an unforgettable experience.
— Michelle B., Washington, DC
Namibia Expedition
Tim did an amazing job! He had an excellent knowledge about everything from the animals to the rocks! We were a wild bunch and he really helped make the trip fun and awesome. I could not have asked for a better guide!
— Vicki K., Columbus, OH
Namibia Expedition
Tim was an excellent trip leader. He was very interactive, informative, and passionate about the country and his work. I would not hesitate to book another trip with him as the leader.
— Liz S., Carmichael, CA
Namibia Expedition
Tim is a master tour guide. His skill, intelligence, and preparation are exceptional. He's constantly learning and improving his knowledge of not just the animals and environment but also the people, culture, and history of Namibia and all of southern Africa. One of the best.
— Michael & Jan V., Hillsborough, NC
Namibia Expedition
Tim is the best guide I've had on any trip I've ever done. His rapport with the group was outstanding.
— Gregory D., Poughkeepsie, NY
Namibia Expedition
Tim is an outstanding guide in his experience, knowledge, and concern for safety.
— Ralph C., Evergreen, CO
Namibia Expedition
Tim was an incredible leader—fun, knowledgeable, and able to handle any situation. He made a wonderful adventure even more special.
— Patty S., Los Angeles, CA
Namibia Expedition