Savanti florencia

Florencia Savanti

Florencia "Flor" Savanti is an anthropologist, community organizer, and Trip Leader with a deep connection to the Basque culture and countryside. Born in Argentina, her love of the outdoors took root when she worked as an archaeologist in the wilderness of Patagonia for 15 years, and has followed her ancestral roots back to Northern Spain in 2002 where she now lives with her family. She has served as an archaeological consultant for the Basque Museum of Bilbao, and has led hiking trips in the Basque country and the Pyrenees for more than a decade. When not guiding, Flor stays actively involved in anthropological work for several community-based programs in the Basque country and afar. Her current projects promote women's literacy and empowerment in the Karakoram mountains of Pakistan and the arid steppes of Northern Patagonia.

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Client Testimonials

Flor was tremendous. She was energetic, fun to talk with, and a great trip coordinator.
— David M., Healdsburg, CA
Hiking the Spanish Pyrenees
Florencio is a true gem. A sweet, knowledgeable, personable, gentle, sensitive, fun, special person and an excellent trip leader.
— Melanie B., Essex Junction, VT
From France to Spain: Hiking in the Basque Country
Flor was a joy to travel with. She was attentive, engaging and knowledgeable. We were sad to part company with her at the end of the trip!
— Linda G., Dallas, TX
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country
Florence was a fantastic leader. She was totally professional and at the same time personable, friendly, and communicative.
— Yona D., New York, NY
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country
Flor was an excellent guide, attentive and went beyond what I would expect from a guide.
— Mira P., Toorak, Australia
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country
Flor is a wonderful guide and knows how to put guests at ease. She is thoughtful, confident, competent, and great company.
— Katie B., Lee Vining, CA
Across the Pyrenees
Fabulous sunny personality with a great sense of humor. Fun all around.
— Kate F., Santa Monica, CA
Across the Pyrenees
A great leader and companion on the trail, with lots of relevant information to share and a sincere desire to make this a wonderful experience for all concerned while keeping people healthy and safe.
— Nancy F., New York, NY
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country
Flor was helpful, entertaining, and fun to be with.
— Tom W., Jackson, WY
Across the Pyrenees
Flor was acutely tuned in to everyone's needs and rose to every occasion. She was a terrific leader!
— Gail R., Decatur, GA
Across the Pyrenees
Flor is warm and caring, and a stellar guide.
— Susan R., Arroyo Seco, NM
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country