Rakova zuzana

Zuzana Rakova

Zuzana Rakova studied English at the Czech Republic's University of Olomouc, founded as a Jesuit Seminary in 1566. When not leading trips in her homeland, Zuzana is a professional English teacher. She speaks fluent English, a little German and Italian, and enjoys reading literature, with a special interest in the works of Shakespeare. She also loves her work as a guide because she's an avid traveler who enjoys getting to know people from other cultures.

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Client Testimonials

Excellent trip leader, fun, knowledgeable, excellent!
— Linda W., Lexington, KY
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was outstanding! We do a lot of traveling and she was easily one of the best we have ever had. She was enthusiastic, knowledgable, highly skilled in all areas, and handled everything impeccably. We felt we were in good hands at all times and did not have to worry about a thing.
— Russ F., Sarasota, FL
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was beyond fantastic. Her enthusiasm and customer service skills are beyond compare. She is a gem!
— Janet M., Sacramento, CA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was superb! She went out of her way to do extra things for everyone, spoiled us all, and anticipated all needs.
— Marilyn M., Fresno, CA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana really made the difference for all of us. A very competent, knowledgeable, kind, and personable leader and a credit to her country as well as Wilderness Travel.
— Martha P., Inverness, CA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was fabulous! Patient, fun, never showed any stress. A great gem!
— Jill C., Albany, CA
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was very attentive to the participants' needs and did an excellent job of explaining Czech history, culture, music, and art. We enjoyed being with her very much.
— Sue M., Arden Hills, MN
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Zuzana was an excellent guide. Her teaching background came through and we all learned a lot. She was friendly and charming, yet efficient.
— J. N., Nashville TN
Zuzana is intelligent, kind, and thoughtful. She is focused on the comfort of the trip members. She’s a 10!
— Marlene K., Albuquerque, NM
Czech Castles & Country Walks
We felt very comfortable in Zuzana’s care—she’s extremely conscientious. I can’t think of anything she could have done better on the trip!
— Linda G., Wilton CT
Czech Castles & Country Walks
Zuzana was a master of detail—the delicious picnics and superior ‘treats’ (chocolate, cookies) were great. She is professional, knowledgeable, and approachable—qualities of a great leader.
— Mary S., Marblehead MA
Czech Castles & Country Walks