Petrova denitza

Denitza Petrova

Denitza Petrova was born in Varna, a town on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. She graduated with a degree in sociology from Sofia University and spent her college summers in California. She later completed a two-year stint in outdoor education in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Camp Campbell Outdoor Science School), where she taught students about the beauty and uniqueness of the California redwoods. In her time in California, she became a passionate advocate for nature conservation, and on return to Bulgaria, she joined her country’s anti-nuclear and environmental movement. Today she is the Greenpeace representative in Bulgaria. She loves the mountains of her native country and is especially keen to share their beauty with travelers. “Bulgaria still has many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, and it’s the perfect place for people who want to be in touch with wild nature and feel the true spirit of the Balkans.” Denitza also enjoys sharing Bulgaria’s folk music, both the dances and the songs. As a youth, she danced with one of the folk groups in Varna.

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Client Testimonials

Denitza is a wonderful guide. She was caring and helpful, and such a lovely person. I would be happy to hike with her again.
— Margaret H., Washington, DC
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Denitza is absolutely delightful and handled the entire trip in a thoughtful, professional way.
— Richard R., Columbus, GA
Bulgaria and the Isle of Thassos