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Karen Lund Petersen

Karen Lund Petersen was born and raised in Buenos Aires. After completing her studies as a naturalist at a prestigious natural history school, she lived and worked in various parts of Patagonia, from Santa Cruz to Ushuaia. Karen has also worked as a trip organizer and guide in the city of Buenos Aires, and leads groups to other countries in Latin America as well. She takes special pleasure in communicating her knowledge and love of nature to visitors to her country.

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Client Testimonials

Karen is a standout in all categories. She is not only knowledgeable and capable, but she gave a piece of her heart and soul to our group. It is just in her nature to connect with each person on an intimate level. Her sense of humor and flexibility kept things lively and fun, and it seemed that there was always another surprise for us around the corner.
— Anita C., Indianola, WA
In Patagonia
Karen is exceptional! She took a personal interest in each member, is an outstanding naturalist (teaching us about plants, animals, geography continuously and tirelessly), put us all at ease with her calm, supportive, and encouraging demeanor, gave us clear and concise breakdowns of the following day so we could prepare, and was always there to help anyone in need. She made the trip GREAT!
— Laura F., Englewood, CO
In Patagonia
Karen was fabulous! She was very knowledgeable, with a real love for the area, and fun sense of humor. She was so good at spotting birds and animals in the area that I often felt like I was on a safari.
— Joan V., Virginia Beach, VA
In Patagonia
Karen is a remarkable person and an outstanding guide. She is very organized, efficient, professional, caring, attentive, responsive, passionate, communicative, and knowledgeable. I felt I was in really good hands throughout the trip.
— Elizabeth C., Toronto, Ontario
In Patagonia
This is our eighth Wilderness trip and Karen is one of our favorite guides. Her professionalism, kindness, and humor are only exceeded by the love of her country and Patagonia.
— Robert V., Virginia Beach, VA
In Patagonia
Karen is a superstar trip leader. She is both capable and charming and makes each traveler feel special.
— Rosalyn & Philip R., Clyde Hill, WA
In Patagonia
Karen has an incredible amount of joy that is contagious to everyone. She’s wonderful caring.
— M. M., Guilford CT
Just wanted to let you know Karen was an outstanding host. I’m sure I am speaking for the group in this regard. She opened my eyes to Argentine culture, the vast amount of wildlife, the outstanding scenery and so much more. Whatever my exceptions going in have been far exceeded. The bar is higher than ever for the next trip! We were so fortunate to have Karen.
— V. Tom, San Francisco CA
Karen Petersen is a wonderful, intelligent young woman, a very competent guide, friendly and knowledgeable with a genuine love of nature and her Argentine heritage.
— Beverly T., Mendham, NJ
Karen was wonderful! Very involved and caring with attention to every small task.
— Craig and Edie R., Santa Rosa CA
In Patagonia
Karen was fantastic! She was also just a delight to travel with.
— Janice J., Paris, France
In Patagonia
Karen was fantastic! I thought I came on the trip just to enjoy some really majestic scenery (and I did), but she opened my eyes to the local wildlife, which I did not expect.
— Victor T., San Francisco CA
In Patagonia