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Mohamed Ossama

As a specialist in Egyptology, and a guide since 1995, one would think of Mohamed Ossama as the perfect connection to the region’s culture and tradition. He is—and more! From thought-provoking discussions to fascinating insights, Mohamed will bridge the ancient world with the modern, leaving you entranced by the deep history and current events. Mohamed lives in Cairo, and is closely associated with St. Olaf College in Minnesota and its intensive educational programs with American University in Cairo. When not leading trips, he enjoys reading, walking, and spending time with his wife and two children.

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Client Testimonials

Mohammad was passionate about his country and so very enjoyable to listen to his stories. He has a wonderful sense of humor and made the history of ancient Egypt come to life for us.
— Jackie M., Portland, OR
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Cannot imagine how a trip leader could be any better. He handled everything incredibly well especially in keeping us apprised of what to expect as we traveled from one place to another.
— Bev A., Voorhees, NJ
Pyramids to Petra
Mohamed is a true treasure for Wilderness Travel to have in Egypt and Jordan. He helped make a very, very good trip into a truly incredible and unforgettable one for us. His knowledge, insights, and organization were superior.
— Mark H., Wilmette, IL
Pyramids to Petra
Mohamed was an incredible blend of leader, friend, and participant. His presence was reassuring, his knowledge second to none, and his enthusiasm contagious! He was friendly, open to questions, willing to listen, and had keen insight into the needs of the group. We felt as if we were experiencing two countries that are close to his heart...and his information was pertinent and always interesting. When we reminisce about Egypt and Jordan, it will be his face and his voice that takes us back there!
— Kent P., Arvada, CO
Pyramids to Petra
One of the best guides I have ever had on a trip—intelligent, competent, and informative. I learned much about his country and appreciated his courtesy and attention to every detail in order to make the trip enjoyable.
— Robert U., Bozeman, MT
Pyramids to Petra
Mohamed was simply amazing. His knowledge and his ability to communicate that knowledge was off the charts great. He even spent time giving us history and current events talks.
— Chris D., San Francisco, CA
Egypt Private Journey
Mohamed was personable, knowledgeable, made everything easy for us travelers, and instilled an understanding of Egypt's culture, people and history.
— Daniel D., New York, NY
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Mohamed was simply the best. Not only was his enthusiasm for Egypt infectious, but his 'personal touch' was evident every day. He really took care of us. Everything flowed seamlessly, effortlessly. I would travel anywhere with him. Thank you for an amazing experience, Mohamed!
— Kathy G., San Carlos, CA
Pyramids to Petra
Mohamed was great. Good sense of humor, very personable and really knew his stuff.
— Ann H., Woodland, CA
Expedition to Sudan
His enthusiasm and range of knowledge were amazing, and he was a never-ending source of information.
— Anita C., Indianola, WA
Pyramids to Petra
Mohamed was the perfect guide. He invited inquiries into all subjects including Islam, women, and Middle Eastern politics. I really looked forward to his evening discussions, all of which were well prepared and thought provoking.
— Mary C., Newport Beach, CA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Mohamed Ossama is one of the very best guides I have ever traveled with. His level of service goes beyond anything I have experienced before, even on other WT trips. He is very knowledgeable and willing to discuss anything you ask about. He is amazing!
— Nancy D., Missoula, MT
Expedition to Sudan
Mohamed is unsurpassed as a trip leader. His knowledge, ease of conversation, and willingness to please are unique in a tour leader. He's a real keeper.
— John F., Eagle, ID
Expedition to Sudan
Mohamed was the single best guide I have ever met. His knowledge was encyclopedic, he was incredibly gracious, and managed the group in a way that ensured everyone had a marvelous experience. Bravo!
— Mark R., Boston, MA
In the Wake of Cleopatra
I wish there was an even higher rating because Mohamed was the best possible—so knowledgeable about everything, so helpful, interesting, accommodating. He was incredible!
— Ginger P., Boulder, CO
In the Wake of Cleopatra
Mohamed's love of his country and its people, artifacts, and customs is contagious. This is not just a job, it is a passion for him and that makes it extraordinary. His great knowledge, good humor, thought-provoking conversations, and attention to detail made this truly the trip of a lifetime.
— Marney G., Montgomery, AL
Pyramids to Petra
Mohamed was an excellent leader, knowledgeable and interesting and caring. He took wonderful care of us and we had a great time with him.
— Sue V., Oakland, CA
Land Of The Pharaohs
Mohammed has excellent knowledge about almost anything and was passionate to share about the local history, culture, and current issues of Egypt. One of the best guides I’ve ever had.
— Yui W., Land of the Pharaohs
Mohammed Ossama was excellent. He went out of his way to make sure all our needs were met.
— Amir and Susan M., Denver, CO
We have taken dozens of trips and he was hands-down the best trip leader we ever had. His historical knowledge, open discussions of politics, religion, and culture, were so enlightening.
— John N., Gladstone OR
Land of the Pharaohs
Mohammed Ossama was one of the best trip leaders we’ve ever encountered. Our experiences in Egypt were superb as a result.
— David and Celeste C., Elkins NH
Land of the Pharaohs