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Jason Nott

Jason Nott of Namibia comes from a well-known family of “nature conservators” who have been involved in development issues in Namibia for decades, even before it was known as Namibia! He grew up in a small rural town, and his love for wild Africa was instilled in him at a young age. One of his greatest influences as a child was his godfather, Flip Stander, who now runs the Desert Lion Conservation Foundation and is considered the world’s leading authority on desert lions. Jason spent a year of study in England, returning to Namibia to run a safari for his fellow students at the age of 19, then obtained a Travel and Tourism Management degree at a local university. While managing a remote game lodge in Namibia, he developed excellent relationships with local communities all across northwest Namibia, and now he and his guests are welcomed at these fascinating communities. “One of my greatest pleasures is sharing the wonders of the country I love with visitors,” he says, “and guiding is my tool for doing this.” Jason met his wife, Amber, when she was in Namibia on a study abroad program as part of her degree in Zoology. Both Jason and Amber have a passion for wildlife and its protection, and a strong belief that this is best achieved through the development of communities. Jason is a phenomenally knowledgeable birder, wildlife expert, and wonderful traveling companion. In addition to being a guide, he also helps run the Conservation Travel Foundation, which is involved in funding a number of humanitarian and conservation initiatives around the country.

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Client Testimonials

Jason was a phenomenal guide, very knowledgeable, passionate, and great fun.
— Gayle L., Round Rock, TX
In the Realm of the Desert Lion
Jason is not only a super guide he is a marvelous human being. He showed great skill and knowledge and engagement throughout the trip.
— Marty S., Louisville, KY
Namibia Giraffe Conservation Safari
Jason, our guide, was the best: knowledgeable, sympathetic, and generous. Couldn’t have been better.
— Diana M., San Francisco, CA
Namibia Giraffe Conservation Safari
This was a great experience and I am fortunate to have done it; nothing else in Africa compares. Jason was a fabulous companion and the sights will never be forgotten.
— Peter D., Bradenton, FL
Never in a million years could we have imagined a better or more ideal person to have traveled with in Africa's Namibia. We aren't sure how we got so incredibly lucky to have been paired with him for our trip, but we wouldn't change it for anything. He showed us Namibia's life in the bush through his eyes and taught us about life in the wild. We saw more than we ever knew existed in the world and learned more about conservation and the impact it has on all living beings. We have been forever changed, and Jason will always hold a special place in our hearts!
— Carol R., Bethesda, MD
Namibia: Giraffe Conservation and Safari
Jason is an excellent guide who knows Namibia and its environment. He has a vast knowledge of the flora and fauna and is an excellent tracker.
— Alan B., San Anselmo, CA
A Vision for Wildlife: Giraffe Conservation Safari
Jason was an exemplary trip leader. His knowledge and personality added an extra dimension to the trip.
— Claudia F., Walnut Creek, CA
In the Realm of the Desert Lion
Jason is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable on conservation and many other subjects and a kind and considerate person.
— Chris L., Daly City, CA
In the Realm of the Desert Lion
Jason could be the best trip leader we have ever had. I have immense respect for his skills and abilities.
— Jonathan F., San Francisco, CA
In the Realm of the Desert Lion
No one but Jason Nott could do justice to this trip. His intimate knowledge of the country and experience with the wildlife and conservationists—especially his relationship with Flip Stander—were extraordinary.
— Glynda and Don R., Atlanta, GA
In the Realm of the Desert Lion
Jason is an amazing young man. His knowledge of all things concerning Namibia is exceptional. His love for his country and joy in sharing it really adds to the trip. And, his people skills are off the charts!
— Pam M., Louisville, KY
Namibia Photo Safari
It was a pleasure to get to know Jason. He has a deep love for Namibia and had wonderful stories to share of his experiences camping throughout the country. He had thorough knowledge of the wildlife, plant life, and history/government of Namibia and interacted well with all of us.
— Jean A., Hotchkiss, CO
Namibia Expedition