Navalona felantsoa

Felantsoa Navalona

With degrees in history and archaeology from the University of Antananarivo, Naval has been working as a tour guide in his home country for many years. Besides guiding, he is an active member of the Malagasy historian association and has participated in archaeological research projects about ancient Malagasy civilization. Naval was part of the crew for the documentary Madagascar Wild, made by the South African company Home Brew Films.

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Client Testimonials

Naval was an excellent trip leader, knowledgeable, excellent with logistics, and patient. He was a pleasure to spend 2+ weeks with.
— Ruth M., San Francisco, CA
Madagascar: Off the Beaten Track
Off the Beaten Track was fantastic! A special shout-out to our guide, Naval, for his contagious enthusiasm. He loves his home country and is passionate about sharing insights into Malagasy people, traditions, food, history, and wildlife.
— Ellen A., San Francisco, CA
Madagascar: Off the Beaten rack
Naval's cheer, positive outlook, and knowledge of both Madagascar culture and nature helped make this an unforgettable trip for us with many cherished memories.
— Rob C., Concord, MA
Magical Madagascar
We were constantly impressed by Naval. So knowledgeable, fun, patient, helpful, forward-thinking, problem-solving.
— Juliet A., Capistrano Beach, CA
Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path
Naval's leadership was at all times agreeable, knowledgeable, and efficient. His abilities as a naturalist as well as his understanding of Malagasy culture made for a great experience.
— Elsie M., Providence, RI
Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path