Namba michiharu

Michiharu Namba

For the past 10 years, Michiharu Namba has worked in the travel industry as a tour leader, guiding trips through Africa, Europe, and Asia. Yet his interest in Japanese history, culture, art, and literature—paired with his love for hiking—led him back to his home country of Japan to lead trips to iconic settings like Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hiei. When not leading trips, Michiharu enjoys exploring new places in Japan by foot and spends time in his hometown of Nishinomiya.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips

  • Hiker's Journey to Shikoku, October 5-17, 2019

  • Hiker's Journey to Shikoku, May 19-31, 2019

  • Hiker's Journey to Shikoku, November 3-15, 2018

  • Hiker's Journey to Shikoku, October 6-18, 2018

Client Testimonials

Michiharu provided insight into important elements of Japanese culture and religion, and appreciation for the role Buddhism and Shinto have played and continue to play in Japanese life. He was indefatigable in answering questions and sharing his knowledge of life in Japan. He had a remarkable ability to respond to each of our interests, and went out of his way to mention and show us things that he knew each of us were interested in.
— Carol K., Ithaca, NY
Hiker's Journey to Shikoku
Michi was definitely a big reason why we loved this trip so much. He was knowledgeable, kind, and personable—a perfect combination for such a journey.
— Mei Mei H., Alamo, CA
Hiker's Journey to Shikoku
Excellent guide! Very knowledgeable, very professional, very kind, and happy to share all of his knowledge and experience. Went out of his way to take care of each person and accommodate their needs.
— Carole W., Beaverton, OR
Hiker's Journey to Shikoku
Mich was SPECTACULAR. His knowledge is fantastic and unlimited.
— Lisa C., South Miami, FL
Hiker's Journey to Shikoku