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Naiman Mungure

Naiman Mungure, a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), has been leading wildlife safaris for nearly two decades. Whether strolling among riverine forests in search of rare birds or navigating his way across the short grass plains of the Serengeti, Naiman has a sense of what makes a great safari experience and ensures that all his guests leave Tanzania with a new insight into the wonders of his native country. His quiet personality and depth of knowledge make him one of our most likeable guides. Naiman is married and has three daughters and one son. When not on safari, he enjoys looking after his farm in Babati, northeast of Arusha.

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Naiman is as generous, knowledgeable, patient, positive, and kind human being as you'll ever run into. Just remarkable in every way.
— Drew R., Norwich, VT
Tanzania Private Journey
Naiman was fabulous. Competent, intelligent, knowledgeable. Could not have asked for a better team leader.
— Adrienne C., Thurmond, NC
Tanzania Private Journey
I loved Naiman as a leader. He was professional, intelligent, calm, knowledgeable, and able to capture our attention. A true gentleman. Together with his colleagues, we were shown genuine Tanzanian hospitality.
— Karen T., Plainsboro, NJ
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
Naiman was absolutely brilliant! He is incredibly patient and kind to everyone, very professional and a wonderful guide. He really made the trip a once in a lifetime experience.
— Donna D., Castle Rock, CO
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
Naiman was an amazing host—gracious, knowledgeable, and a wonderful ambassador for Tanzania. We learned a lot from him about the wildlife of course, but also about history, culture, geology, etc. We knew we were in goods hands every step of the way.
— Pamela M., Placerville, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Extremely informative and engaging—Naiman was wonderful with our entire team in terms of communication, setting expectations, keeping us on time and safe.
— Joseph V., Larchmont, NY
Tanzania Private Journey
Naiman Mungure was most professional, exceedingly knowledgeable, and a man of great dignity and humor; it was a pleasure to travel with him. He and his assistants were the best team I have had the pleasure to travel with in all my many years of world-wide travel.
— Patricia B., New York, NY
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman is such a kind, gentle soul but also always helpful and ready to answer questions drawing in his depth of knowledge and love of Africa and its animals.
— Betsey M., Clayville, RI
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman is a true professional. He combined his overall knowledge of the area with a passion for showing us his country. He was very considerate of all participants and made sure we all were having a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
— Karen B., New York, NY
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman was extraordinary in every respect. He's definitely a Wilderness Travel treasure. I cannot say enough about how he made this adventure a trip of a lifetime.
— Marv F., Middleton, WI
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
There simply could not have been a better guide. Funny, witty, smart, patient, clever, knowledgeable, caring, gentle, honest, and willing to learn. I can't imagine any guide handling our diverse group as well as he did. He's the epitome of excellence!
— Steve A., La Jolla, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman did not just prompt us to look, but made us see Tanzania. He has become a mentor and friend.
— Fletch W., Mercer Island, WA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman was great as the trip leader. He was very well organized, knowledgeable, and quite personable, with a good sense of humor. As the leader, he set the right tone and pace for all of the activities.
— Ellen L., San Rafael, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman was a very knowledgeable guide, and took great care of us. Any question that we asked, he had an answer.
— Ksenia D., Glendale, CA
The Great Migration Safari
Naiman is a true pro, the best guide we have ever had with Wilderness.
— Michael H., Laguna Beach, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Great guide! Very organized, conscientious, and good natured.
— Sharon H., Laguna Beach, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Nainman provided the best possible info and his expertise made the trip fabulous! He always made sure everyone was taken care of...individual needs included!
— Beverly K., Bend, OR
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman was wonderful: very confident, professional, and knowledgeable.
— Matthew J., Lakewood, CO
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman was an outstanding Trip Leader who made this trip not only run smoothly but extremely enjoyable.
— Barry M., Lakewood, CO
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman was the consummate professional, coupled with a warm and caring demeanor. He conveyed a tremendous amount of knowledge as well as a passion for his country and conservation of native species. We all felt like no harm could come to us as long as he was in charge.
— Delene W., San Francisco, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Naiman is personable, inclusive, highly organized, and an encyclopedia of knowledge about the wildlife, culture, and ecosystems.
— Diane K., Berkeley, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari