Muhereza habibu

Habibu Muhereza

After working as a teacher for a few years, Habibu, a member of Uganda’s Munyankole tribe, decided to pursue his love of wildlife and completed the necessary training to become a Uganda Wildlife Authority guide. As a ranger and interpretive guide, he has deep knowledge of Uganda’s national reserves, including Kibale Forest National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park, where he was appointed the head UWA guide. He loved working in this park because in addition to managing the wildlife, he was also able to educate his local community in co-existing with the neighboring wildlife (the Bushenyi district, where he was born, is on the boundary of Queen Elizabeth National Park). Habibu has an ever-ready smile and loves sharing his country with our safari guests, from its woodlands and forests to the open savanna.

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Client Testimonials

Habib is the best. He was enthusiastic about the environment and the animals, and his smile would brighten anyone's day.
— Susan P., Bellvue, CO
Mountain Gorilla Safari
Habibu was an absolutely excellent guide! He has a deep understanding of the cultures and customs of the various people. His knowledge of the birds and animals was nothing short of amazing.
— Vanessa K., Hillsborough, CA
Uganda Private Journey
You could not have selected a better leader for this trip than Habib. He was knowledgeable, joyful, had a good sense of humor, and professional.
— Joseph B., Portsmouth, RI
Mountain Gorilla Safari
Habib was great—very personable, knowledgeable, and a confident and capable leader.
— Kenneth B., Chicago, IL
Mountain Gorilla Safari
Habibu excelled as a wildlife guide, making the overall trip experience fantastic.
— Melinda C., Tucson, AZ
Mountain Gorilla Safari
Habibu was such a great leader. Knowledgeable, funny, professional, just so good at his job. He was enthusiastic and obviously loves what he does. He took such good care of all of us.
— Nancy R., Palo Alto, Ca
Mountain Gorilla Safari
Habibu was endlessly professional with a wonderful sense of humor and great driving skills.
— Heather A., Washington, DC
Mountain Gorilla Safari