Mothokowabo fish

Fish Mothokowabo

“Mr. Fish” earned his name in the 1950s on the island where he was born in the Okavango called Xumu, when his mother and father were on a fishing expedition. They named him Tlhapi, which means "fish" in Setswana. He started out in the 1970s working in the mines of South Africa. When the mines closed, he returned home to the Okavango where his uncle was a safari guide. He began guiding with his uncle, and soon discovered that he loved showing travelers his native land that he knew so well as a child. He became an assistant manager at Xugana Lodge in 1984, and soon was leading 7-day safaris on the northern side of Okavango. He’s been guiding ever since, and continues to love sharing his homeland with others. He’s also a farmer, and has a particular passion for tswii, a tuber of the water lily and a delicious local delicacy.

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