Monnaaletsatsi anthony

Anthony Monnaaletsatsi

Anthony was born in the Okavango Delta and began his outdoor education early on, learning all that he could about the wildlife and nature around the delta from his parents. He went to school in Maun and became a driver at the Crocodile Camp, later enrolling in the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute. After receiving his professional guiding license, he began working as a guide in 2000 and worked for two different safari companies before joining the Wilderness Travel team in 2014. Outside of guiding, he enjoys traveling and has been to Germany, Italy, Romania, and all over Southern Africa. He’s also a father and a farmer, and is frequently challenged by the delicate balance between protecting wildlife and protecting his crops, both things he greatly values.

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Client Testimonials

Excellent does not fully convey how incredible Anthony was. Not only was he an amazing animal tracker, which enabled us to see every single possible animal many times over, but he went way beyond the call of duty. He was tireless in his pursuit of game.
— Jack R., Los Angeles, CA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Anthony Monnaaletsastsi set the bar so high with his knowledge and thoughtfulness that our safari was the trip of a lifetime.
— Kate L., San Luis Obispo, CA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
I can’t say enough good things about Anthony. He is conscientious and takes his job very seriously. He is kind, solicitous, puts the traveler’s safety first, amazingly knowledgeable about fauna and flora: animals, bird species (!!!), plants, etc.
— Mary R., Menlo Park, CA
Botswana: Okavango Explorer
What an amazing human being! Loved interacting him, loved watching him track animals. His eyes would perk up, ears perk up, and off we would go! I can't imagine how he could improve. He knew everything about everything.
— Kathy K., Auke, AK
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Anthony was wonderful. He was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. A great leader. I truly appreciated his competence and kindness. He is the type of leader that keeps us coming back to Wilderness Travel.
— Judy S., Nashville, IN
Botswana Wildlife Safari