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Gary McCue

Gary McCue literally wrote the book on trekking in Tibet and he has pioneered some of our most amazing Himalayan expeditions, including the In the Footsteps of Heinrich Harrer, a trek that retraces the final stretch of the journey of Heinrich Harrer, author of the classic adventure Seven Years in Tibet, and The World's Highest Trek, which brings trekkers up as high as 21,000 feet on Mt. Everest. Gary is the author of the definitive Trekking Tibet: A Traveler’s Guide, now in its third edition. "I have a "trek philosophy" known as laid-back trekking (LBT). In a nutshell, it's based on how the slower you go (as long as you don't come into camp in the dark!), and the closer to the back of the trek group you are, the more often amazing things tend to happen. One can race along the trails anywhere in the world and have mostly a view of the toes of their boots, but if you slow it down, you can take in the incredible surroundings and really experience what attracted you to a region in the first place." Gary's strong connection to the Himalayan people opens many doors. He speaks Tibetan, lived in Nepal for many years, and now resides in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips

  • The Ultimate Kham Trek: Abbott Group, September 14-October 10, 2019

  • Tibet: The World's Highest Trek, April 28-May 28, 2019

  • In the Footsteps of Heinrich Harrer, June 1-23, 2018

Client Testimonials

We selected this adventure based in large part on the reputation of Gary McCue. He did not disappoint. Simply, we believe Gary McCue provides what cannot be replicated by other guides in Tibet. He is in a league of his own in this part of the world—whether in the city or on the trail. We appreciated Gary's expertise from his previous experiences in the region as well as his candor when plans needed to be adapted. Gary's demeanor and professionalism earned our trust and confidence and made this trek a most enjoyable and memorable experience.
— Cliff B., Santa Fe, NM
In the Footsteps of Heinrich Harrer
For anyone planning to trek in Tibet, my first piece of advice will be: Make sure Gary McCue is your trip leader. I wouldn't have wanted to have any other guide on this trip. It took Gary's knowledge and experience, flexibility, diplomatic approach, and calm and measured decision-making to bring things together with fluid ease. But what (in my view) made him so great to be around? An unabashed curiosity, great story-telling skills and an uninhibited sense of fun. The superlatives could fill a book.
— Donna B., Santa Fe, NM
In the Footsteps of Heinrich Harrer
Gary was outstanding in every way. He's why I signed up for the trip. It was a long trek, and he made it worthwhile, every day! Bravo!
— Alan R., Santa Cruz, CA
Ultimate Manaslu
Gary is a gem. His vast knowledge of the area's history and culture, as well as his numerous contacts, all added immensely to the trip.
— Karl G., El Cerrito, CA
Hidden Kingdom of Mustang
Gary is the most competent guide I have experienced. One would be hard pressed to find a more personable and knowledgeable individual in the trekking business.
— Scott S., Fresno, CA
Tibet: The World's Highest Trek
Gary is excellent in every way. It was an incredible experience.
— Terry C., New Albany, IN
Gary is the best. Everything you would want in a trip leader—knowledge, experience and fun.
— Randy R., Edgewater, MD