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Mzee Justice Mangyangi

Mzee Justice, whose name means “revered elder” in Swahili, has been a professional safari guide since 1994. His guiding prowess incorporates a hunter’s eye and he can spot game in circumstances beyond the normal realm of most people’s visual abilities. Active in every aspect of his home country’s conservation efforts, he encourages awareness among his fellow Tanzanians of the huge value that wilderness and natural history can play in Tanzania’s progress. Mzee possesses a wonderful combination of charm, humor, and a wealth of knowledge.

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Client Testimonials

Mzee was amazing! His ability to spot far off wildlife was remarkable, his stories were captivating, and his humor was delightful. I'd do another safari with him in a heartbeat!
— Frank J., Damascus, OR
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
Our guides were excellent, and we especially enjoyed Mzee. He was very attentive, has great stories, made sure we were comfortable, was very knowledgeable about the area, and good at tracking animals, etc. Can't say enough good things about him. He even arranged for us to receive a new charger for our camera! We realized on day one that it was broken, so Mzee took a picture of the part and arranged to have a new charger flown in from Arusha!
— Teresa M., Half Moon Bay, CA
Tanzania Private Journey
This man is a genius! Everyone loved him. He was indefatigable—he could spot game with his bare eyes that we could only see with binoculars. He knew the answer to every one of our questions. He must have done this many times and yet he never appeared bored or impatient. It was amazing!
— Barbara A., Berkeley, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
I can't imagine going on this trip with anyone other than Mzee leading the way. His balance of humor, sarcasm, and knowledge made the long hours spent in the vehicles a delight. Even more so, his eye for photography was something I never would have expected, but was so appreciated. He expertly balanced the desire to please his clients with his deep respect for the wildlife, people, and country of Tanzania as a whole.
— Andrew B., Petaluma, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was outstanding! His knowledge, professionalism, concern for participants, and his fabulous sense of humor made for one of the best trips I have ever had! Wilderness Travel is fortunate to have Mzee as part of the team.
— Susan Q., Vienna, VA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
What a wonderful person and leader! He was kind, patient and never lost his sense of humor. We enjoyed his "surprises."
— Ken N., Vienna, VA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee's ability to spot animals in the bush was nothing short of amazing. He also knew how to predict the animal behavior, and he would position us for optimal viewing and photography.
— Larry M., Louisville, KY
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was wonderful. Full of knowledge and accommodating to our group. We loved all the special surprises, and he kept us informed about the next adventures.
— Tracey M., Orinda, CA
Tanzania Private Journey
With a balance of outstanding regional knowledge, good humor, friendliness, and sticking to good principles of game viewing and bush safety, Mzee provided an exceptional experience for us.
— Steve S., San Francisco, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was just amazing, from his sense of humor to his extensive knowledge of the wildlife, flora, history, and geography of the area! His personality lent itself to so many funny interactions and warm relationships. What a wonderful leader!
— Lisa W., Far Hills, NJ
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee dedicated himself to our fun, learning, and seeing as much as possible. I can't say enough about this wonderful man.
— Jill W., Gaston, OR
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee is tremendously gifted and superb at so many different levels. He made the trip sing.
— Roger and Joan L., Baltimore, MD
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was charming, experienced, and so knowledgeable, and went WAY out of his way to make our journey thru Tanzania so wonderful.
— Michele H., Houston, TX
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Superb guide, excellent at finding wildlife, fun to be around, great sense of humor.
— Mark J., Paradise Valley, AZ
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee is outstanding. We consistently saw animals, situations, and terrain other or very few others experienced. Knowledge, humor, leadership, accommodation, etc. were appreciated by all of us. We can't conceive of a better leader.
— Keith J., Orinda, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Loved Mzee's compassion for his job, his country, and the wildlife. His warmth and sense of humor added to our experience.
— Mary Ellen C., Saratoga, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee has many talents that combine to make him an excellent guide, wildlife spotter, photography advisor, and a wonderful caring person. On top of that he has a great sense of humor.
— Jim and Carol B., Kensington, MD
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee is a treasure. His knowledge of the environment, the animals, and the varying communities is unparalleled, and his warmth and humor are huge assets.
— Gena C., Santa Cruz, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was an amazing trip leader. Like herding cats most similar to the prides we saw, he was able to keep us together, focused on the wildlife, and willing to share his perspectives well as answer the myriad of questions and concerns we posed for him.
— Cathy S., Santa Cruz, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
I can't imagine a better trip leader than Mzee. He went the extra mile, and his efforts resulted in a magical, exciting experience.
— Diane K., Birmingham, MI
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee readily shared his passion for conservation, wildlife, and the flora of the bush country.
— Alice L., Hillsborough, NC
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was knowledgeable about everything, was a great wildlife spotter as well as a driver, and a great leader.
— Jon and Debbie W., Chapel Hill, NC
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee is a fantastic person and has so much knowledge of what life is in the Serengeti and what it takes to survive for the animals and people.
— Ryan Neil K., Malibu, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was amazing and made our trip spectacular! We can't thank him enough for his tireless work on our behalf.
— Ellen R., Key Largo, FL
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee eagerly shared his vast and impressive knowledge of wildlife behavior to give us a much greater appreciation of what we witnessed. He takes great care of the environment and helped us do the same. He is very personable and we looked forward to his company every day.
— Joanne M., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was an outstanding trip leader. He was caring and concerned for our health and comfort, and his sense of humor and approachability made for a very relaxed atmosphere.
— Melinda C., Sammamish, WA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was integral to the trip's success with his knowledge of the wildlife, the land, conservation/environmental issues, and his supernatural abiltiy to spot wildlife. He is also incredible with people, making everyone comfortable and accommodating everyone's needs and interests.
— Lynn Z., Tucson, AZ
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was great. He worked nonstop to make sure we had a rich experience and he did it with unflagging humor and grace.
— Amy W., New York, NY
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was terrific. His knowledge and love of the area, the animals, the insects, and plants was outstanding, and enthusiastically shared.
— Linda N., Palo Alto, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Wonderful guide, knowledgeable, fun, able to spot game I couldn't even see with binoculars! Just the best.
— Bill and Judy P., Santa Fe, NM
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was THE main reason the trip was so phenomenal. He is your greatest asset.
— Joseph J., West Hartford, CT
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was the most wonderful, knowledgeable, fun, helpful, interesting guide imaginable! He's really amazing and great!
— William L., West Hartford, CT
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee was an excellent leader on so many levels. I had total confidence in him and his team from start to end.
— Carol B., Pacifica, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee is a warm and gracious man. His knowledge is amazing and his ability to find the animals unbelievable. He has a fantastic sense of humor and was so much fun!
— Barbara B., Mountain View, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee made this a very enjoyable trip. His knowledge and kindness were greatly appreciated.
— Jane F., Mattapoisett, MA
Mzee was wonderful. He had an incredible sense of humour, and he was very helpful to me in identifying birds. An excellent driver and story-teller.
— Anne T., N Vancouver, BC
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
What a pleasure to spend time with such a delightful, knowledgeable, personable fellow. I could not have been more pleased. We all came to adore him and learned a ton over our short time with him!
— Gail G., Evanston, IL
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Mzee Justice was very knowledgeable, professional, and well organized. He has a wonderful sense of humor.
— James D., Glendale, CA
By the end of our safari, I believed that Mzee Justice was an eagle reincarnated! His skills as a guide and spotter are truly remarkable. His magical story telling skills made some of our longer drives quite fun.
— Pamela B., Long Beach, CA
Mzee was a gem! His innate ability to find the animals was remarkable. His sense of humor kept us all laughing. We would definitely travel with Mzee again.
— Pam and David S., Camano Island WA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari