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Enver Lucas

Enver Lucas is a man of two cultures, Turkish and American, with an equal love for both countries. Born in California to a Turkish mother and American father, he spent most of his childhood and early education in Turkey, went to college in California, then worked for 10 years in the beauty of Yosemite National Park, which inspired him to make a life around sharing the wonders of nature. Returning to Turkey, he studied archaeology and anthropology, then traveled extensively throughout Turkey, hiking, climbing, exploring, and ultimately penning the guidebook Trekking in Turkey. Enver has boundless energy and enthusiasm, with a gift for bringing history alive and a passion for sharing his phenomenal knowledge of Turkey’s rich culture as well as its classical and maritime archaeology. His interests include scuba diving, photography, and mountain biking, and he’s also an accomplished cook who loves to introduce travelers to the delights of Turkish cuisine. He makes his home with his wife and son along the storied Turquoise Coast in Turkey’s southern Mediterranean.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips

  • Greek Islands and the Turquoise Coast Private Journey, October 2-15, 2022

  • The Turquoise Coast August 24-September 6, 2021

Client Testimonials

How fortunate for us that Enver was our Trip Leader. It was a unique and fabulous experience to have him as a guide and friend.
— Susie T., Columbia SC
The Turquoise Coast
Enver showed flexibility and great knowledge and we were so lucky to have him as a Trip Leader.
— Sydney B., Parkdale OR
The Turquoise Coast
I feel like I have known Enver my whole life. He did everything to make our trip perfect, including letting me win at backgammon.
— John D., Louisville, KY
The Turquoise Coast