Larrea angermeyer carolina

Carolina Larrea Angermeyer

As a member of the pioneering Angermeyer family, Carolina has a long heritage in the world of ecotourism and conservation in the Galápagos. With a degree in Biology, Carolina has been a guide in the Galápagos since 2008, earning her guiding license from the Galápagos National Park. Among the work she’s done in the area—including interpretation for protected areas training courses, scientific research of flightless cormorants with the Charles Darwin Foundation, and environmental education programs—she was the scientific advisor for one of the episodes in the BBC documentary South Pacific. She currently resides in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island and speaks Spanish and English, as well as some German.

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Always willing to answer questions, and answer them thoughtfully. She had a deep, detailed knowledge of flora and fauna and shared her knowledge willingly.
— David F., Pleasanton, CA
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