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Bonaventure Kivuyo

Born into a farming family in Tanzania, Bonaventure graduated from Arusha Technical College some 20 years ago and has led Kilimanjaro climbs for WT ever since. In that time, he has become a legend on the mountain—having once climbed Kili round-trip in 18 hours! We were happy to have him join us on our Everest Base Camp trek in 2019.

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Bonaventure is an absolute Kilimanjaro rockstar! We were so fortunate to have him lead us up the mountain. His ability to cater to the individual needs of the clients while at the same time organizing the entire staff/crew was remarkable.
— Karen L., Burr Ridge, IL
Climb Kilimanjaro!
Bonaventure and staff continually inspired confidence in our group. At no time did I ever doubt we would make it to the summit.
— Juan C., Newburgh, IN
Bona is a true leader and he handled all of us and 93 porters with aplomb. He was professional, fun, experienced, and I had complete faith in him. I joked "In Bona We Trust" because I had full faith in him as our trip leader!
— Jennifer K., Kittery Point, ME
Climb Kilimanjaro!
I was so impressed by Bonaventure and his crew. I always felt that I was in good hands and that our safety and well being were his top priority.
— Brian B., Burbank, CA
Climb Kilimanjaro
Bonaventure was great! Very personable, humorous, and approachable. I found it easy to trust and respect him.
— Kyla Z., San Diego, CA
Climb Kilimanjaro
I couldn't have asked for a more outstanding individual to lead this trip.
— Bill B., Houston, TX
Climb Kilimanjaro!
My wife and I felt we were in very good hands with Bonaventure. We had a high level of confidence in his leadership.
— James S., Palo Alto, CA
Climb Kilimanjaro!
Bonaventure was a natural leader. He was knowledgable, considerate, cautious, and very attuned to potential problems. He made us all feel comfortalbe and in good hands.
— Robert S., Moraga, CA
Kilimanjaro Climb (Shira Route) and Serengeti Safari
Bonaventure should be an ambassador for Africa! He was fantastic...we felt safe and well taken care of. Plus, he was interesting and fun!
— Karen G., Orinda, CA
Kilimanjaro Climb (Shira Route) and Serengeti Safari
Bonaventure is a wonderful person and awesome trip leader. He is the best of the best and truly loves what he does.
— Steve F., Manakin Sabot, VA
Kilimanjaro Climb (Shira Route) and Serengeti Safari
Managing this moveable village under these conditions takes tremendous knowledge, organizational ability, diplomacy, and patience. Bonaventure had all in abundance.
— Candace S., Palo Alto, CA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
I don't think I have ever traveled with such a great guide as Bonaventure. We all totally trusted and respected him in every way. He paid attention to every detail and clearly had seen it all with his clients. He listened and then skillfully had us all doing exactly what we needed to do to successfully make the summit. It was perfectly paced with all of us making it in good health. Coming down we met up with many others who weren't so lucky.
— Signe K., Newport Coast, CA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
We were completely impressed by Bonaventure and appreciated his complete command of all aspects of the trip, both on the climb and safari. He instilled confidence and a sense of safety at all times, and his joy and enthusiasm were infectious.
— Ted C., Orinda, CA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Bonaventure handled the complexities of the trip and the ever-changing client requirements with considerable skill, knowledge, and diplomacy.
— Lynne D., Wildwood GA
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro
Bonaventure is a great Trip Leader! Very knowledgeable on all components—culture history, preparation required for the climb. He went the extra mile to see that our needs were met.
— Joanne Rosener, Rochester MN
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro
Best trip leader of all my travels! A great organizer, motivator, guide, and mountaineer. He had great rapport with travelers and porters alike. He seemed to be everywhere, always ready to listen, lend a hand, and guide. I believe Bonaventure had a hand in my summit success.
— Virginia Y., Leesburg, VA
Wonderful trip—Bonaventure was superb!
— Heather R., Toronto, Canada
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro
Bonaventure is A+ in my book. I felt completely secure with his knowledge and leadership. He made this trip an amazing experience with his knowledge, enthusiasm, and courteousness.
— Dawn T., New York, NY
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro