Jais dean

Dean Jais

Not many people can say they’ve introduced the British royal couple to an orangutan and her baby, but Dean can (although he couldn’t get them to shake hands!). Fueled by curiosity and with the jungle as his classroom, Dean started guiding in his late teens. He has spent the last eight years tracking orangutans in the wild and teaching people about rainforest ecology and is an expert in Borneo's birds, insects, and mammals. He says "my favorite place in Borneo is Danum Valley because it is the perfect example of virgin rainforest, teeming with every animal you can dream of." From nature novice to jungle guru, Dean quickly excelled, and went on to  win the esteemed Best Specialized Tour Guide award at The Sabah Tourism Awards in 2015.

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Client Testimonials

We have been on many guided trips and Dean was the best, bar none. He was friendly, very knowledgeable, and made the trip a better experience.
— Gerald B., Sacramento, CA
Borneo Expedition
Dea was superb—knowledgeable, professional, thoughtful, and fun! He made the trip outstanding.
— Bonnie R., Indianapolis, IN
Borneo Expedition
Dean has wide knowledge of animals, birds, flora, and culture of Borneo and provides all that information to his guests with confidence and humor. He has an amazing ability to site wildlife during the day or on night drives, and truly cares about the guests and is helpful in any way necessary.
— Carol B., Novato, CA
Borneo Expedition