Hussain imran

Imran Hussain

Imran’s eye for spotting wildlife is so keen that he has earned the nickname, Shan, meaning snow leopard in Ladakhi. As a documentary filmmaker, he spends the majority of his time filming wildlife in remote locations across the Himalayas—his skills for spotting snow leopards are legendary. Imran has a wide network of local informers and trained spotters across the Himalayas, and has captured some of the most intimate footage of snow leopards to date. He leads various wildlife tours in the Western Himalayas and is actively involved in wildlife conservation projects throughout the Himalayan region.

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Client Testimonials

Imran is the consummate guide/host! Not enough can be said about his knowledge, passion, skills, and personal adaptability. He watches for the overall safety of the group and individuals like a mother hen. Imran’s enthusiasm is infectious as is his desire to educate.
— Daryl O., Durango, CO
Snow Leopards and Tigers of India
Imran was such a great leader! He clearly loves Ladakh, its animals and people, and is so enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge. He is easy to be around and is extremely polite and helpful to everyone (including drivers, help staff, etc.). He shared personal cultural insights as well as painting a broader picture of India. No question was too small, no request too difficult. Imran's enthusiasm in Kanha was equally apparent, as he happily scanned for tigers and birds and mongoose along with our local naturalist. I enjoyed hearing about his commitment to teaching local school children about conservation.
— Mimi G., Durango, CO
Snow Leopards and Tigers of India