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Diana Hidalgo

Diana Hidalgo is a Lima native who grew up traveling throughout Peru with her parents. In her adventures through the North Coast region of ancient pre-Incan civilizations, she developed a passion for the fascinating layers of culture that make Peru so extraordinary. She also got an early start as a trekker on family hiking and camping trips, and particularly loves being on the trail in Peru's mountains. Guiding since 1993, Diana is one of our most beloved and experienced Peru Trip Leaders. “On our trips I love to visit local markets and family homes where we can learn about how people live, or stop into a local bar to try a game of Sapo (ancient Inca coin toss) and see how the women prepare a batch of chicha (traditional corn beer). I am very proud of Peru—the history, environment, landscape, traditions, and everything about our culture. In my work I share my love of all these things with travelers every day.”

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Client Testimonials

Diana was excellent beyond expectations—great sense of humor and able to be flexible for the groups' needs and desires.
— Michael G., Truckee, CA
Peru Explorer
Diana did a great job—she was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and patient.
— John N., Fort Worth, TX
Peru Explorer
I appreciated Diana's wealth of knowledge and sense of humor. She made the trip superb in all facets!
— Peter H., San Francisco, CA
Peru Explorer
Fabulous travel companion with a terrific sense of humor. Ever patient and helpful and gave us all a great sense of confidence that everything was in good order. Another outstanding Wilderness Travel guide!
— Susie T., Columbia, SC
Peru Explorer
Diana had great energy, knowledge, and a wonderful sense of humor.
— Susy H., San Francisco, CA
Peru Explorer
Wonderful personality, very engaging and knowledgeable.
— Helen D., Orange, CA
Peru Explorer
Diana was very professional, knowledgeable, and fun. She made the trip very enjoyable.
— Patricia B., Laredo, TX
Peru Explorer
Diana is awesome! So knowledgeable and experienced, and handled everything perfectly.
— Lynn C., San Mateo, CA
Peru Explorer
Diana is a very experienced guide and a WT treasure. She kept everything on track and kept us laughing. One of the best!
— Jim L., Tucson, AZ
Peru Explorer
Diana was fabulous! She was fun and interacted with all of us. Her knowledge of the country was obvious and she was more than happy to share it with us.
— Caroline W., Philadelphia, PA
Empires of the Sun
Diana was an excellent leader. Her knowledge of the area was extensive. Her concern for the participants was genuine, and overall she’s a delight.
— Barbara A., Libertyville IL
Royal Inca
We loved Diana Hidalgo. She is a gem. Knowledgeable, thorough, and she went beyond to provide extras that were so very memorable.
— Joann L., Berkeley, CA
Diana was outstanding! Cannot say enough good things about her. Her attention to detail and going above the call of duty was, again, outstanding.
— Dale and Denise S., Chattanooga TN
Diana was great in all respects. Very thorough, professional, personable.
— Larry S., Lancaster PA
Empires of the Sun
Diana went well beyond the call to make sure our trip was perfect.
— Vicki S., Laguna Beach CA
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