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Adam Hedges

Adam Hedges, born in Kenya, began going on safaris during school holidays with his parents. After finishing school and earning his pilot's license, he started work as an apprentice safari guide and later led safaris throughout Kenya and Tanzania. In 1983, he moved to Botswana and began operating some of the first photographic safaris in Botswana. As a member of the executive committee for Botswana's Tourism Association for five years, he became deeply involved with developments in the country's national parks. "I love taking people from developed countries and showing them the beauty and complexity of a true African wilderness. I hope I can increase people's awe of and respect for nature, and give them a better understanding of how it works." Adam continues to travel the length and breadth of sub-Saharan Africa on foot, by vehicle, and in his single-engined Cessna, often with his wife, Brigitte, and their two sons. His passions include flying (especially in his Cessna over the Okavango), walking in the bush among elephants, and paleo-anthropology. He speaks English and Swahili.

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Client Testimonials

Adam is an outstanding guide. His deep knowledge of the area, flora and fauna, amazing experiences going back to his childhood in Kenya, and 40 years of safari experience meant we had a real safari experience. He was funny, caring, and always had our safety as his first priority. We hope to be able to journey with him again!
— Andrew P., Belmont, CA
Botswana: Okavango Explorer
Adam is in a class by himself with his experiences, interaction, organization, and handling of the trip.
— Walt B., Bakersfield, CA
Kalahari San Tribe Expedition
Adam was equally comfortable whether discussing geography, the function of a cheetah's neurocortex, the adherence quality of 40,000-year-old rock art, or the joys of campfire cowboy coffee. His willingness to share his knowledge and insights made this the best trip we've ever taken—quite a statement, considering the exceptional opportunities we've had on so many Wilderness Travel trips.
— Bonnie B., Bakersfield, CA
Kalahari San Tribe Expedition
Adam is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate not only about Botswana, but of Africa, its history, geography, geology, wildlife, and botany.
— Vicky L., San Rafael, CA
Botswana: Kalahari Explorer
We enjoyed traveling with Adam. He was very professional and his knowledge of the area's history, flora, and fauna was extensive.
— Peggy F., South Burlington, VT
Kalahari San Tribe Expedition
Adam Hedges was truly the best guide ever—on all of my travels. He enthusiastically shares his love with such zest, and his knowledge and experience is impressively vast.
— Mary G., Iselworth, UK
Kalahari San Tribes Expedition
Adam Hedges and his whole staff were first-class and the best part of the whole safari. He knowledge and enthusiasm they shared with be with me forever.
— Diane K., Erie CO
Adam’s leadership and attention to detail made this trip a huge success.
— Greg S., San Jose CA
Adam has my complete confidence as a trip leader. I would recommend him to anyone.
— John G., Palo Alto CA
Kalahari San Tribes Expedition
Adam was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of our trip, from the wildlife to the history of Botswana. He taught all of us so many things.
— Kelly S., San Jose, CA
Adam is absolutely THE best. His patience in answering questions, his knowledge of the area, his graciousness, his storytelling—he is a lovely man.
— Ellen A., Two Harbors MN