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Annie Hawkins, born and raised in a small village in Burgundy, is a passionate world traveler and one of our most enchanting Trip Leaders. After studying art history in Provence, Annie moved to California, where she led adventure tours in the American Southwest and realized that leading adventure trips was her vocation—nothing would keep her inside an office again! She has led exclusively for Wilderness Travel since 1995 and has led journeys for us in France, Spain, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Niger, Oman, and more! “As a Trip Leader, I see myself as the personal ambassador to a place. In France, I love introducing the products of the ‘terroir’ such as wine or cheese, or in southern Spain, taking the group to my home to share a paella with them. And in the Sahara, I have a passion for the wind-created landscape I call ‘the yellow circle’ and the ingenuity of the people who live in this place of extremes. I'm also fascinated by the friendships that people forge while traveling together day after day. I remember how six guests become lifetime friends after our trip in Niger—this warms my heart!” While scouting our trip in southern Spain in 1999, Annie bought a 300-year-old house in a village clinging on the flanks of the highest mountains in Spain. It took her three years to transform it into the home she calls La Casa del Milagro. She divides her time between Europe and San Francisco, where she lives with her husband.

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If you had a rating better than excellent, then Annie would qualify. Every detail from the planning of the sites, the food extraordinaire, the hotel accommodations magnificent, the knowing how to anticipate a guest request before you even needed help, the extra detail of every single day, every single moment, every desire taken care of in expert hands. She is the BEST!!!! We can't wait for our next adventure to Oman with her.
— Pat B., Katy, TX
Sri Lanka
Annie was over the top as a trip leader. She never assumed anything and paid attention to every detail. She showed love and attention to the trip participants and to her support staff. Going into this trip, I did not know a lot about Sri Lanka even though I had read several books about the country. Annie taught me so much and I thank her for that. Some trip leaders seem to lead out of habit but Annie has a real passion for her work.
— Carole M., Versailles, KY
Sri Lanka
Annie was amazing. She treated us like her little family, looked out for us, and put together a wonderful and memorable experience for us. It was the over and above things, as well as the little things, she did that made it so special and so much more than just a sightseeing or hiking trip. Her organization and logistical skills are impressive and spot on. Her knowledge of the area and the people is without parallel (she knows EVERYONE!). Her selection of hotels, food and attractions was top notch. And . . . she was fun! I would not hesitate to travel with her again.
— Robert T., Phoenix, AZ
Southern Spain to Morocco
Wilderness Travel must be a great employer to hire and maintain the quality of trip leaders like Annie. Her knowledge and passion for France and its caves made it possible to have the local prehistoric caves expert personally guide us to private archaeological sites. Annie’s relationships also opened hotel doors that would not otherwise welcome groups. She led the group with knowledge, great leadership ability, passion, and grace. I am grateful to her and to you.
— Brian P., Santa Monica, CA
Prehistoric Caves and Great Cuisine of France
Annie was professional, knowledgeable, caring, energetic, and humorous. It is obvious she is proud of showing off her country's heritage.
— David K., West Chester, PA
Normandy and Brittany
Annie is always at the top of her game. She was so enthusiastic about Oman and its people and has such a great sense of timing, place, and color—unbeatable!
— Lucy H., Sunset Valley, TX
Desert Kingdom of Oman
Annie is a standout leader for her enthusiasm and professionalism. She is a ‘people person’ who demonstrates care and concern in addition to her visible connection to the beauty of the wilderness. She contributes to one’s overall fun and enjoyment of each experience on the trip. We look forward to our next trip with her.
— Richard Y., Ellicott City, MD
Top of the Alps
Annie is truly amazing, a kind and generous spirit. It was so evident from Day 1 that she lives life with great joy and passion. I would say to anyone who likes to travel—you must go on a trip with Annie Hawkins. Without a doubt, it will be one of your best experiences ever.
— Leela H., Woodstock, NY
Hiking the French Pyrenees
One of the finest trip leaders ever! She is kind, caring, and curated each detail of the tour like a piece of art. A joy to travel with her.
— Betty R., La Jolla, CA
Sri Lanka
Annie handled the logistics complexity of this trip so efficiently that travelers were not even aware of it. She ran a smooth operation, and created many fun and off-the-beaten-path moments.
— Marie-Agnes S., Sarasota, FL
Great Alpine Traverse
Annie was excellent—she put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure everything ran smoothly, which it did. I would happily go on another trip where Annie was a leader.
— Eleanor B., Sydney NSW 2134,
Normandy and Brittany
I would be delighted to participate in any trip that Annie leads. She is an exceptionally knowledgeable, devoted and delightful person.
— Kathy D., Norwalk, CT
Southern Spain to Morocco
Annie did an amazing job. She created a great trip and was a wonderful guide to a really enchanting country.
— Lisa V., Henderson, NV
Sri Lanka
I loved being in Annie's world. She was one of the finest, loveliest, most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and kind guides I've ever had. I am now an official Annie groupie and hope to travel with her again.
— Linda S., Los √Āngeles, CA
Sri Lanka
Annie was an excellent guide. She has a great passion for life, travel, and Sri Lanka that consistently comes through. She also did a very good job, as we were a small group, of being flexible and taking advantage of the moment. Loved the planning for so many special meals and different experiences.
— Zac G., San Marino, CA
Sri Lanka
Annie's knowledge, passion, and care for her team were outstanding. It was wonderful to have her as our leader.
— Joanna M., Chiang Mai 50230,
Desert Kingdom of Oman
Annie is an absolute STAR! She made this trip “effortless” and the BEST travel experience I have had.
— Alec B., Gardnerville, NV
Desert Kingdom of Oman
Annie's love and passion for her work shows. She treated us like family and looked out for each and every one of us to make sure we were having a great time.
— Joyce S., Manhattan Beach, CA
Pilgrim's Way
Annie was superb as trip leader! She was exceptionally knowledgeable and always pleasant. She was able to gauge people's interests and ability and was helpful to everybody.
— Janet A., Bethesda, MD
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
This was our first trip with you and we felt really fortunate to have Annie as our trip leader. Her organization, ability to adapt as required, incredible enthusiasm for trip events, and life in general, food interest, and overall leadership were off the charts.
— Bill P., Chapel Hill, NC
Normandy and Brittany
It is hard to overstate the excellence of Annie's work as a trip leader. She is knowledgeable in so many areas: trip details, wildlife, flowers, culture, history, hotels, cuisine, local people. In addition she was extremely caring of us as her clients, always looking out for our welfare and enjoyment of all aspects of the trip. She is extraordinary.
— Guy A., Woodacre, CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Annie is always a delight to travel with! She is definitely one of your top 2 or 3 trip leaders. She surprised us with the many special arrangements throughout the trip and engaged us always with her obvious heartfelt enthusiasm for Sri Lanka.
— Linda H., Newport Beach, CA
Sri Lanka
There's a reason Annie is considered one of Wilderness Travel's best guides—she's superlative!
— Scott F., New York, NY
Sri Lanka
Annie was amazing! She was so knowledgeable and passionate about this part of France. She really made the trip special!
— Chereen L., Steamboat Spr., CO
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
This was our third trip with Annie, and what a treat to be with her in a trip she designed in France! Annie has such a gift in connecting with the group and with making a place come alive that she is a joy to travel with.
— Suzanne and Brady M., Friendswood, TX
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Excellent does not begin to describe Annie! Her knowledge of the history and culture of the areas is MAGNIFICENT! She is flexible and creative and curious. Wonderful judgment and interpersonal abilities.
— Debra B., Jackson, WY
Southern Spain to Morocco
How lucky we were! Annie loves the country, and knows it well. She provided an amazing mix of culture, nature, and history.
— Lisa T., Hamden, CT
What can you say about Annie other than EXCELLENT!! She was definitely a large part of the fun of the trip. She showed great leadership, knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm...unwavering. She was great!!
— Laurie N., San Anselmo, CA
Great Alpine Traverse
We love traveling with Annie. She has so much passion for Spain and Morocco...it's contagious! She always makes sure everyone is comfortable and having a wonderful experience.
— Rebecca T., Raleigh, NC
Southern Spain to Morocco
Annie is exceptional. Her knowledge and love of the Lot Valley and its people, food, wine, and history was excellent. She is a great, great leader.
— Denise C., New York, NY
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Annie a superb leader with incredible attention to every detail of the trip, and very solicitous to everyone's needs.
— Marie Jose D., Lovingston, VA
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Annie is simply one of our favorite WT leaders, a many-faceted gem.
— Inge K., Concord, MA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
I would actively seek to travel with Annie again. She is fun, caring, and amazing person!
— Adrienne K., Bell Canyon, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
Annie is personable, extremely capable, caring about the individual, and is respected as such. She is a charming leader, and it was easy to travel with her as our guide.
— Rollie A., Fort Collins, CO
Great Alpine Traverse
Annie is a treasure: passionate, expressive, caring, a great sense of humor, full of joie de vivre, a master at handling all the behind-the-scenes details seamlessly.
— Dena B., Albany, CA
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
This was our second trip with Annie for good reason—she is fantastic. Very astute at reading the group dynamics and delivering a trip to meet all needs. The culture and history flow from her in a storytelling way. I look forward to many more trips with her at the helm.
— William S., Spring, TX
Granada to Sevilla
Annie is the finest WT trip leader we have had, over our many trips. She felt more like a knowledgeable dear friend than the leader of a tour group.
— Robin G., Washington, DC
Granada to Sevilla
Annie's passion for and knowledge of the Granada to Seville region made this a fantastic trip. I felt I came away with a greater understanding of the culture, much more information than I would ever have gotten on my own. The trip Annie designed was a delight, with a mixture of hiking and cultural experiences. In each of the villages we passed through, she knew the route, the history, and wonderful places to eat.
— Ann S., Los Alamos, NM
Granada to Sevilla
Annie was a breath of fresh air and has a subtle, fantastic sense of humor. Her coordination of picnics, meals, treats, etc. was outstanding. She has a unique talent to gauge each participant and address needs with compassion.
— Alan S., Oakton, VA
Heart of Switzerland
Annie's reputation as the best of the best is well deserved. One of the reasons we were treated so well, I believe, is every guide, driver, hotel and restaurant proprietor—man or woman—is totally in love with her. She is a treasure!
— Suzy M., Pittsburgh, PA
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Annie is outstanding! What a special lady. You have a real gem here! Fantastic people and organizationl skills, great sense of humor. I didn't want the trip to end.
— Janice G., Edmonton, Canada
Granada to Sevilla
Annie was amazing and it would be hard to top her for knowledge and charm
— Jeanne S., Mill Valley, CA
Granada to Sevilla
Annie is fantastic, a very warm, engaging person with an exceptional knowledge of the area. And wow does she know restaurants!
— Linda H., La Canada, CA
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Experienced, enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable about the Lot Valley, including the history and culture of the area. She constantly worked to enhance the experience for all of us.
— Tom M., Arden Hills, MN
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Annie is an ACE. I don't think you could find a better guide.
— Tom L., Hanalei, HI
Southern Spain to Morocco
Annie MADE the trip. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and over the top attention to customer needs is unsurpassed.
— Lesly H., Mill Valley, CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Annie lives up to her fabulous reputation. She is charming, friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, completely in tune with everything going on, and totally devoted to all travelers having the best possible experience.
— Susan W., Albuquerque, NM
Bilbao and the Picos de Europa
Annie's 'eating, drinking and exploring old France' trip was just as wonderful as we expected!
— Jack H., Cockeysville, MD
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Annie Hawkins is the best—she is warm, engaging, caring, enhthusiastic, humorous, knowledgeable, and just a super person.
— Steve T., Santa Rosa, CA
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Annie was terrific. She adapted her itinerary to the group beautifully and managed to cater to all levels of fitness and interest. She did a great job.
— Elaine H., Verona WI
Hiking in the Pyrenees
We loved Annie. She is obviously a very experienced leader. She was always enthusiastic and knew the area very well.
— Steve H., Verona WI
Hiking in the Pyrenees
Annie is a very resourceful leader, a professional who loves her job and shows it.
— Marwan B., San Jose CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Annie Hawkins was one of the most attentive, sincere, and enjoyable guides we’ve ever had. She was spontaneous and up for any opportunity that presented itself.
— Craig & Debbie D., Nichols Hills, OK
Southern Spain to Morocco
Annie Hawkins is a treasure. She’s an amazing person and superb Trip Leader. I can’t wait to travel with her again.
— Judith K., South Portland ME
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Once again Annie proved her competence with graciousness and charm. You are so lucky to have her. We will travel with Annie again!
— Julie R., Bainbridge Island WA
Annie is everything a guide should be and even more. She is your best ‘advertisement!"
— Emond D., Claymont DE
Annie was incredibly excellent!
— Bill U., Mechanicsville, VA
Hiking the Haute Route
Annie is a great leader, a great person to be with. She was always able to convey a complete understanding of the place in its physical sense as well as its culture, which made it even more interesting.
— Maria A., New York NY
Hiking the Haute Route
Annie took my breath away. She could not have been more caring, fun, concerned. What a joy she is to everyone.
— Pamela R., LA Jolla CA
Great Alpine Traverse
Annie was by far the best leader we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a lot of excellent leaders with Wilderness Travel
— Hugh and Wendy K., Anacortes WA
Great Alpine Traverse
Annie was first rate. She charmed everyone, her knowledge of the area was superb, and she handled all the logistics and contributed to a very enjoyable trip.
— Larry S., Boise ID
Great Alpine Traverse
Annie was such a superb guide. Her love of the places we visited was evident in her enthusiastic nightly briefings.
— Angela S., Wrightsville Beach NC
Great Alpine Traverse
Annie Hawkins was terrific, outstanding in every way. She is so lovely and we had total confidence in her leadership. We hope to do another trip with her some day.
— Linda and Ira G., West Hartford, CT
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Annie Hawkins is a marvelous Trip Leader in every way. She is a delightful personality and charming company. She oversaw all the details and added her own special touches that made our adventure really superb.
— Hala A., Oakland, CA
Niger: The Wodabe Gerewol Festival
Annie is better than excellent! She is professional, competent, and absolutely enchanting. We will plan another WT trip with her schedule in mind.
— Julie R., Bainbridge Island WA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Annie was terrific! A key part of the wonderful memory I have of this trip.
— Marrie C.l, Marblehead MA
Tour du Mont Blanc