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Per Hansen

Per Hansen was born and raised in the capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn. For 20 years, he worked at the National Faroese Tourist Board as head of destination development, and in 2012 he decided to work as a guide, welcoming travelers to his home country. Per has traveled to almost every corner in the island group and loves to hike. He is passionate sharing the history, culture, geology as well as daily life of the Faroese, and has an answer to almost everything you might want to know about these fascinating islands.

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Client Testimonials

In sharing his extensive knowledgeable about the Faroe Islands, Per gave a depth of definition to the experience of being there. He was always helpful, attentive, and fully engaged with the group.
— Lynne R., Larkspur, CA
Hiking the Faroe Islands
Per was a wonderful leader. He knows the islands well and was very interested in sharing his knowledge and love of the country and countryside. He was very considerate and approachable for questions and concerns.
— Sandra L., Holderness, NH
Hiking the Faroe Islands
Per was an excellent guide, and his enthusiasm for sharing the culture and nature of his country was readily apparent. He knew the hikes well, and I always felt I was in competent hands with him.
— Loran Y., Portland, OR
Hiking the Faroe Islands
Per openly shared his passion, knowledge of the Faroe Islands with us. Because of strong winds and rains, we couldn't hike on two different days, but with his contacts and knowledge, Per was able to provide other interesting options for us. I very much enjoyed his sense of humor!
— Carolyn H., Asheville, NC
Hiking the Faroe Islands
Through sharing his country with us, Per made this very special trip even more so. He was exceedingly knowledgeable about a full range of topics, and was generous with his time and attention.
— Debra K., Kittery, ME
Hiking the Faroe Islands
Per was an excellent leader, obviously well acquainted with the Faroes, who not only was an excellent guide but provided valuable and highly interesting information on Faroe history and traditions.
— Henry P., Boston, MA
Hiking the Faroe Islands