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Lisa Halderman

Lisa Halderman experienced Italy in 1973 as a high school exchange student. She earned her degree in Italian literature, completing her final year at the University of Padua. Her studies have immersed her in the world of Italian art, architecture, politics, and history. An avid gardener, Lisa also has a strong interest in natural history. She lives with her family in the small hill town of San Gimignano, Italy, and she has a son. In Tuscany, Lisa loves to go through every outdoor market with a fine-tooth comb.

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Client Testimonials

Lisa is a fabulous ambassador for WT. She brings the perspective of both cultures, American and Italian, and has an incredible fund of knowledge to share.
— Beverley A., Maplewood, NJ
Amalfi and Capri
Lisa has a broad knowledge of Tuscany and the Cinque Terre's places, people, and history. She set an excellent tone with the group, and was flexible with alternative plans.
— Mary L., Jamaica Plain, MA
Tuscany and the Cinque Terre
Lisa merged her knowledge of American and Sicilian cultures and nuanced our understanding of Sicily. She used her personal story to underscore the differences and similarities between American and Italian customs and habits. A thoroughly delightful guide.
— Carol M., Lafayette, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Lisa was great. She was fun, professional, and had great stories about culture, art, history, and horticulture.
— Sandra L., Holderness, NH
Tuscany and the Cinque Terre
Lisa was excellent, personable, professional, and classy. Her knowledge was unbelievable, and her personality made us enjoy ourselves immensely.
— Alison C., Calgary, Alberta
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
I loved Lisa's perspective of an American who has lived in Italy for years and could share the similarities and differences of the two cultures.
— Molly A., Nantucket, MA
Hiking in Sicily
Lisa made the trip so much fun by her outgoing personality and sincere desire to take care of everyone. I loved how knowledgeable she was about the plants of Sicily and cooking Italian style. She took every opportunity to teach and share her own Italian experiences as an American expat, which I totally enjoyed.
— Joy M., Olney, MD
Hiking in Sicily
Lisa was a wonderful guide and a pleasure to travel with. We really appreciated her experience, her organization, her calmness, her openness, as well as her in-depth knowledge of the cultural and artistic aspects of Sicilian life. Her unique cross-cultural perspective was completely interesting and enriching.
— Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Lisa was on top of everything. Her thorough planning ensured that all ran without a hitch. Her knowledge, curiosity, good humor, and kindness helped make this trip unforgettable. As someone who has lived in the area for over 15 years, she helped us see things in a way we'd never have been able to had we been traveling on our own. I am sure any trip she leads is fabulous!
— Susanne R., Brewster, NY
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Lisa Halderman exceeded our expectations in virtually every area of the trip. She is a fountain of knowledge on numerous subjects and truly brought the trip to life for us.
— Bill B., Morris Plains, NJ
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Lisa was the consummate professional: totally competent, deeply knowledgeable about the art and history of the locale, yet unpretentious, friendly, and open to everyone on the trip.
— Pat C., Pittsboro, NC
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Lisa was highly organized and attentive to our needs, while always acting in the spirit of fun. Her knowledge of Italian culture, the local environment, and her fluency in Italian added to her excellence as a guide.
— Toby K., Grantham, NH
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Elegant, insightful, unflappable, never boring; imparted a deep understanding and appreciation of the region.
— Robert S., Brooklyn, NY
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Lisa was an outstanding trip leader, open and engaging and fun to be with. Her knowledge of the places we visited seemed to be encyclopedic.
— Jim I., Albuquerque, NM
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Lisa was a wonderful source of knowledge of the area and history that added so much to the trip. She was everything I could hope for in a trip leader.
— Jean G., Redondo Beach, CA
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Lisa is really exceptional at what she does. She's professional, warm, attentive and fun!
— Patty B., Freeport, ME
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Lisa made this trip so enjoyable. With her knowledge and her energy and outgoing personality, she made this trip one of the best I’ve been on. This Tuscany trip was so much better than my previous trips to the same area.
— Karen M., Gainesville GA
Lisa was dynamic, warm, funny and energizing. She made the trip very enjoyable.
— Peter T., Springfield, MA
Tuscany to the Sea
Lisa’s professionalism, knowledge and genuine caring attitude towards trip members made the trip very enjoyable—we would take another trip with her as a guide at any time.
— Sheryl R., St. Louse Park, MN
Tuscany to the Sea
Lisa is a class act. Knowledgeable and fun.
— Barbara Q., Oakdale, NY
Sicily and the Aeolian Islands
Lisa was an excellent leader. Her curiosity, vivacity, and engagement with the local people really infused our group with interest and enjoyment. We could not have had a better leader.
— Judith S., Ithaca NY, Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Lisa is a fabulous guide. A terrific people person and she communicates so well. She went out of her way to make so many interesting connections for us.
— Irene B., Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Lisa was everything I might have imaged–-engaging, personality, total knowledge of the area, uncommonly helpful to participants in need of help, very interactive with the local townsfolk along the way. She couldn’t have been better.
— Robert W., Landrum, SC
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Lisa did a fabulous job with all of us. I really appreciated Lisa as a guide and friend. She was terrific, helpful, honest, and open.
— Will H., Hillsborough CA
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Lisa is a fabulous Trip Leader and person. She is so knowledgeable and engaging.
— Frank C., Toronto, Canada
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany