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Kinley Gyeltshen

Kinley Gyeltshen hails from Gaselo village in Bhutan’s green and rugged southwest, where traditional farming is still the center of daily life. When Bhutan first opened its doors to the outside world, Kinley was among the early guides selected and formally trained by the government of Bhutan to welcome foreigners in. After university studies in India, he became a professional guide in 1985, completing extensive training in Buddhist iconography, culture, history, and botany. With close to three decades of trip leading under his belt, he’s the ideal person to share the wonders of this treasured kingdom. Kinley is equally comfortable explaining the intricacies of zorig chusum, the traditional arts of Bhutan, or navigating high altitude passes en route to sacred Mt. Chomolhari. When he’s not on the trail, Kinley channels his energy into biking, and also likes to relax in the company of his large close-knit family. He is appreciated by WT trip members for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Bhutanese as well as his jovial nature.

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Client Testimonials

Kinley was amazing. He did everything right. Absolutely first class.
— Rosie B., New York, NY
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley was an exceptional guide with a wealth of knowledge and insight about his country. He willing shared on many topics, from Buddhism to government to film and many topics in between. He has a great sense of humor and a very kind heart.
— Barbara C., Tempe, AZ
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley was a wonderful trip leader. He really does have an encyclopedic knowledge of Bhutan and was always available to answer any questions. He was able to adapt to the wishes of the group and the balance of hiking and culture was appropriate.
— Pat L., Ottsville, PA
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the culture, history, art, geography, and folklore of this wonderful country.
— Joan G., Portola Valley, CA
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
I can't say enough good things about Kinley. Is he the best guide in Bhutan? I can't imagine anyone better.
— Dawn K., Carrboro, NC
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley was wonderful...knowledgable, well-organized, pro-active, accommodating, thoughtful, great planner, hiker, leader.
— Leo and Christine S., North Oaks, MN
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley has a depth of knowledge and a perspective about his country that is riveting! He handled all aspects of our trip with care and concern for our well being.
— Jean S., Lakeside, MI
Bhutan: The Chomolhari Trek
I cannot say enough about how Kinley made this trip memorable. He was professional, yet personable, and extremely knowledgeable about his country and its culture. He definitely set the bar very high for my expectations in future travel.
— Susan M., Minden, NV
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley was an exceptional guide, extremely knowledgeable and incredibly accommodating.
— Susan B., Waccabuc, NY
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley is thoughtful, responsive, knowledgeable, and flexible. He stands out among guides I have had in trips with many companies, and is truly a super-star guide!
— Catherine H., Mountain View, CA
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley was one reason we loved the trip so much. He introduced us to his culture, country, and religion, and we appreciated every climb, every monastery, every van ride, and every experience. He was extremely knowledgable and interesting.
— Peggy and Michael W., Hingham, MA
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley is an exceptional human being, a superb leader with encyclopedic knowledge of his country and region.
— Jack G., New York, NY
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley is an outstanding tour leader in every way AND a wonderful advocate for Bhutan.
— Arch B., Tucson, AZ
Hidden Bhutan
Kinley is a superb leader, extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and personable. I can’t think of a better leader in all my years of travel. He is a treasure.
— Alan L., Bellevue WA
We’ve traveled a lot and Kinley is the best—such a gentleman, so gracious, knowledgeabe. We were very well cared for!
— Sonja B., Long Beach CA
Hiker’s Bhutan
After 10 trips with WT, we agree that Kinley is the best trip leader we’ve had!
— Eileen D., South Pasasdena, CA
Hiker’s Bhutan
Kinley afforded us a real ‘insider’s’ look at Bhutanese life. His knowledge and sense of humor made this a very memorable trip.
— Pam B., Princeton Junction, NJ
Hiker’s Bhutan
What a knowledgeable, intelligent, professional trip leader Kinley is. He’s a fantastic guy who made the trip well worth it.
— Liza E., Denver CO
Bhutan: the Chomolhari Trek