Guerrero cecibel

Cecibel Guerrero

When you grow up in one of the most diverse and extraordinary places on earth, it seems only right to invest your time and energy in keeping that place special, and Cecibel “Ceci” Guerrero is no exception. Originally from Ecuador, Ceci guided in the Galápagos from 1993 to 2001. After taking a short break to start a family, she returned to the Galápagos in 2008 to continue her work as a guide in the place she loves the most. She obtained her license as a Level III Naturalist Guide by the Galápagos National Park Service and the Charles Darwin Research Station, and in 2015, she also became a certified Guide Trainer in Environmental Interpretation. Ceci is an avid snorkeler and scuba diver, and has a real enthusiasm for sharing this magical place with our guests. “I feel blessed and honored to work in one of the most pristine places on earth,” she says.

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Client Testimonials

Ceci is a superstar. She is a font of knowledge, warm and funny, and inclusive and caring for all the guests.
— Marshall Y., Los Altos, CA
Ultimate Galapagos aboard the Mary Anne
Cece was wonderful in every respect. She was extremely knowledgeable and fielded questions without difficulty. She was organized and kept us all on task without being overbearing, which was coupled with experience and good communication skills, all of which resulted in an appreciation of the islands, its history and its rich wildlife and flora, the memories of which I will never forget.
— Paul L., Tomah, WI
Galapagos Adventure
Ceci was outstanding and really made the trip! Very knowledgable, lots of attention to detail, and lovely personality!
— Karen H., Red Deer, Alberta
Enchanted Isles
I cannot say enough good things about Ceci. She truly made the trip. Her enthusiasm, deep destination knowledge, stamina, good humor, and people skills were evident at all times. Just wonderful.
— Peter F., San Francisco, CA
Ultimate Galapagos
Ceci was incredible and made this the trip of a lifetime. She was very personable, approachable, patient, and extremely knowledgeable, as well as safety conscious, environmentally aware, and always teaching. I can't rate her high enough.
— Midge M., Minneapolis, MN
Galapagos Adventure
I cannot say enough about Ceci as a trip leader. She is as dedicated, informed, professional, congenial, approachable, and downright wonderful as any guide I have ever encountered. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge in an engaging manner was laudable.
— Barbara Y., Sunapee, NH
Ultimate Galapagos
Ceci's enthusiasm for the islands is contagious. Even the most disinterested guest would have to be impressed! She is charming and knowledgeable, considerate and attentive. We could not have hoped for a better guide.
— Susan L., Madison, WI
Galapagos Adventure
Cecibel was a delightful, committed, very knowledgable naturalist. She made our trip to the Galapagos one we will always cherish. Her personality was terrific. We loved her!
— Jim C., Louisville, KY
Galapagos Adventure
Ceci made this trip the fascinating adventure I was hoping for. She was fun, amazingly knowledgeable, easy to understand, and a pleasure to be around. We were very impressed!
— Mary C., Louisville, KY
Galapagos Adventure
Cecibel's knowledge of the islands was very impressive. Her passion came through in all her descriptions and explanations throughout the trip. She definitely made the excursions much more meaningful and enjoyable.
— Berina P., San Diego, CA
Galapagos Adventure
Cecibel  is an excellent naturalist with excellent knowledge of the islands. She went beyond just showing sites by explaining habitats and sharing extensive background details. Her enthusiasm and love for the islands is very evident.
— Bill H., Carmel, IN
Galapagos Photo Workshop with Thom Hogan
The ‘penguin whisperer’ and the ‘vermillion flycatcher whisperer.’ Wow! She made noises and they came! Very outgoing and personable, with a deep, detailed knowledge of flora and fauna.
— David F., Pleasanton, CA
Galapagos Photo Workshop with Thom Hogan