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Carlos Gajon Bermudez

Carlos Gajon Bermúdez is a La Paz native whose grasp of the region’s people, history, and ecosystems is encyclopedic. Though he majored in international business, his passion is the sea, and he grew up fishing and exploring the coast of Baja with his father and grandfather. An avid surfer, Carlos picked up sea kayaking rapidly and is a certified ACA sea kayak instructor and wilderness first responder. Carlos learned a great deal about Baja wildlife in the years exploring with his family as well as training in naturalist guiding with various organizations. He served as a volunteer in Loreto National Park, and has guided for eighteen years on the Sea of Cortez. He is also a fine wildlife photographer and SCUBA diver.

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Client Testimonials

Our naturalist, Carlos, was incredibly knowledgeable, super friendly, and terrific fun. He could not do enough for us and was totally focused on our needs, ensuring we understood the wildlife we saw and how they were behaving and why; he explained the geology and the geography and some of the history of the Sea of Cortez. He was safety-focused when we kayaked, snorkeled, and hiked but in a very unobtrusive way.
— John D., Philadelphia, PA
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos was superb in everyway, always helpful, knowledable and so enthusiastic about all we did and saw, especially the whales but also plants and birds.
— Denny H., Mercer Island, WA
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos is exceptionally knowledgeable about the entire Baja environment and eco-system, including terrain, flora, fauna, weather, and how to help his guests get the most out of each activity.
— Calvin J., Quechee, VT
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos was tapped into the culture and considerate of the people we encountered along the way, all who know and trust him. His in-depth knowledge of flora and fauna is staggering, and he demonstrated the courtesy, passion, and enthusiasm of a professional committed to the highest standards of service. It was a pleasure to share time with him.
— Wayne H., Tucson, AZ
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Always happy to answer questions and anxious to share his breadth of knowledge, delightful personality, humble but extremely competent, and never seemed to tire of interacting with us tourists!
— Kristin H., Meadow Vista, CA
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos was always there, helping and giving knowledgable information.
— Bill Y., Palo Alto, CA
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos was a wealth of information, he knew every bird, fish, animal, snake (he showed us a rattless rattle snake and kept us safe), flower, cactus, strata and geological wonder as well as the anthropology and history of the region. He never seemed tired of showing us and telling us of the beauty of Baja.
— Nina H., Kensington, CA
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos was outstanding! He knew the fauna, flora, geography, geology, history, ancient pre-history. He was exceptional at caring for the passengers and interacting, and never got tired of questions (and we had a lot!)
— Anna F., Walnut Creek, CA
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos was wonderful! Very consciencious of our needs and limitations, and very sharing of his own life. He made us feel like family.
— Randy L., Kensington, CA
Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez
Carlos was awesome!
— Rick V., Moraga CA
Whale Watching & Kayaking in Baja
Carlos really enjoys his work—I think he had fun, too!
— Stephen F., Perry, GA
Whale Watching & Kayaking in Baja