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Peter Frost

Peter Frost, a British explorer, author, and scholar who lives in Cusco, has been a Wilderness Travel Trip Leader in Peru for many years. He has written a classic guidebook to the Cusco region, Exploring Cusco, as well as guidebooks to Peru and Ecuador, and a book about Machu Picchu. Peter has spent 30 years investigating Inca archaeology, and in spring 2002, announced a major discovery that has shed new light on one of the famous but remote Inca royal palaces, Choquequirao. On this expedition sponsored by National Geographic, Peter and his team uncovered the previously unknown and very extensive Inca settlement of Qoriwayrachina, just 22 miles southwest of Machu Picchu. It is the first “lost city” discovered in the Andes since the 1960s. His explorations in the area since then have led to many new discoveries and an expanded view of Choquequirao itself.

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Client Testimonials

It was a great honor to have Peter as our trail guide and expert guide on the trail. So grateful for his wealth of knowledge on Inca history that made the trip so much more meaningful.
— Jennifer H., Sacramento, CA
Inca Trail Private Journey
We felt very lucky to have Peter as our guide. His knowledge of the Incas enhanced our trip greatly. He was also fun to be around and conveyed his sense of the Incas' spiritual and aesthetic connection with the mountains, rivers, stones, and stars in a way that was very moving.
— Joel and Charlotte R., Santa Rosa, CA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
You couldn't ask for a better guide for this trip. We were very lucky to have picked a trip that Peter led with his love and knowledge of the area and country.
— Lani C., St. John, VI
Inca Trail To Machu Picchu
We were so lucky to have Peter as our guide. He was so knowledgeable and had great stories to share along the way. I really enjoyed our visit with the Shaman before the trip. It was interesting to get the glimpse of that piece of the culture as well as the GREAT weather he brought us the whole trip.
— Carolyn M., Golden Valley, MN
Peter Frost has outstanding knowledge and experience. We feel very fortunate to have been with him.
— Cindy S., Chesapeake VA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter is wonderful. But I'm sure you know that!
— Michele M., Tiburon CA
Choquequirao to Machu Picchu
Peter Frost made a great trip exceptional and amazing. His patience, organization, and respect for our group was wonderful. He is the best!
— Kelly M., Oakland, CA