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Kipchu Dorji

Kipchu Dorji, whose name translates to “Calm Water Thunderbolt,” was born in the village of Katsho in Bhutan’s little-visited Haa Valley. Kipchu attended Dr. Graham’s School in Kalimpong, India, and completed his professional training back in Bhutan, with studies in Buddhist iconography, culture, history, and botany. When Bhutan’s doors were first opened to outsiders in the late 70s, Kipchu was at the frontier as one of the first official guides to his country. In addition to his decades of experience as a Trip Leader, Kipchu has also traveled to England and Nepal for advanced trek leadership training. He has led countless trips throughout Bhutan since 1985, certainly earning the rank of one our most experienced—and beloved!—Trip Leaders.

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Kipchu is a fabulous guide and a remarkable human being. Incredibly knowledgeable about his country and Buddhism. (I don't think we asked a question that he couldn't answer!) So kind and patient and flexible. He seemed totally in tune with what we wanted and needed, adjusting our day so that we could do the things we wanted to do.
— Lauren G., Plymouth, MI
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kipchu is wonderful! Experienced, empathic, knowledgeable, collegial, and a real joy to travel with!
— Nancy F., New York, NY
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
One of the best guides we have ever had.
— Carol M., Mount Kisco, NY
Festivals of Bhutan
Fantastic guide, super knowledgeable, easy going, organized and very relaxed and intuitive about the needs of the group.
— Jennifer T., Guttenberg, NJ
Festivals of Bhutan
Kipchu was most pleasant and accommodating for all of the groups needs. He and his team pleasantly exceeded expectations.
— Greg S., Bow Mar, CO
Bhutan Private Journey
Kipchu is a mature and very knowledgeable trip leader with outstanding English and deep knowledge of his country.
— Peter R., Santa Clara, CA
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
We could not have asked for a better trip leader than Kipchu. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided great insight into the nature of Buddhism and the history of Bhutan. He is obviously well known throughout the country, and was greeted with great warmth by many of the locals at every location we visited.
— Ray L., Superior, CO
Festivals of Bhutan
How do I even begin? We have had many many wonderful tour guides in many different parts of the world, but Kipchu Dorji is truly in a class by himself. His unflappable patience, his serene optimism, his endless store of knowledge about all things in Bhutan, and his overall gentle presence will be something that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life. I consider it a great and wonderful blessing that we were able to spend 10 days with this enlightened human being. As incredible as the scenery, festivals, and hikes were, my personal absolute favorite aspect of this trip was getting to know Kipchu.
— Margot L., Superior, CO
Festivals of Bhutan
Kipchu was absolutely a treasure. He was knowledgeable about everything Bhutan (culture, history, religion, flora, and fauna). He was kind and helpful and a truly delightful person.
— Ellen K., Boulder, CO
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kipchu was first-rate and I felt privileged to have him as our trip leader. He also knew so much that I felt at ease in asking him any question.
— Melodie M., Seattle, WA
Festivals of Bhutan
Kipchu was a marvelous guide. He was extremely well organized, very knowledgeable, attentive to all our needs and requests, and a charming person.
— Julia K., Bend, OR
Festivals of Bhutan
Kipchu was fabulous and a terrific representative for his country.
— Scot R., Dalhart, TX
Festivals of Bhutan
Kipchu's attention to details, vast knowledge, and patience really made the trip.
— Bee Y., Brussels, Belgium
Hidden Bhutan
Kipchu is one of the best guides I have had throughout my travels—extremely professional with attention to detail and true warmth and care. I will never forget how special he made this trip for our group.
— Karen M., Danbury, CT
Hidden Bhutan
We’re such fans—what can I say!
— Susan C., Florence, MA
Kipchu is the best trip leader I have ever traveled with. He brought the local culture to life, making things easy to understand, and he has a wonderful calm spirit and great sense of humor.
— Kim M., Phoenix AZ
Hiker’s Bhutan
Kipchu must be the dean of Bhutan trip leaders. He was exceptional in every aspect you could think.
— Susasn M., Pittsburgh PA
Hiker’s Bhutan
Kipchu Dorji has a great sense of humor, patience, and modesty—the best guide I’ve ever had.
— Ann D., Santa Fe NM
Hiker’s Bhutan
Kipchu Dorji is a gracious and mindful host and guide, with great attention to detail. He has an easy interaction with staff and guests alike.
— Alix B., New York NY, Bhutan: The Chomolhari Trek
Kipchu was gentle, but firm, tactful, and so caring. A very wise man with a lovely sense of humor.
— Lorian J., Mamaroneck, NY
Hiker’s Bhutan
Kipchu made this trip. Wise, caring, thoughtful, and sensitive. One of the best trip leaders I’ve had in the seven walking trips I’ve taken.
— Joel J., Mamaroneck, NY
Hiker’s Bhutan
Kipchu made this trip an experience I will never forget. He is charming, knowledgeable, and warm.
— Joanne L, Long Beach CA
Hiker's Bhutan