De negri bernardita

Bernardita De Negri

Bernardita de Negri, born in Buenos Aires, grew up in a family that had immigrated from Europe to Argentina. Her family loved travel, books, and languages, and her international background, combined with living in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, helped her develop a lust for world travel and a curiosity about other cultures. Bernardita studied hotel and tourism management, lived abroad for a while, and then built a career as a travel consultant. Having always loved being close to nature, she found ways to experience the great Argentine outdoors despite living in a city. After multiple Patagonian adventures in camping, trekking, and sailing, she decided to dedicate her life to natural history studies and began a career as a professional guide. "My life as a Trip Leader lets me indulge my passion for travel and the outdoors, and at the same time I can share my knowledge of Patagonia and contribute to the development of nature tourism in my country." Bernardita lives in Buenos Aires and speaks fluent English.

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Client Testimonials

Berni is a gem. She has unlimited energy, a consistently upbeat attitude, terrific attention to organization and detail, broad knowledge of plants, animals, and Buenos Aires and a remarkable ability to deal with all the different personalities that show up for her tours. And, she is simply fun to talk to: her life experiences make for great conversation. A trip leader sets the tone for the group and she set an enthusiastic but relaxed tone that served us all.
— Annie L., Pueblo, CO
In Patagonia
Amazing! Berni is one of the best. Her knowledge, passion, work ethic, and positive energy are incredible. She puts everything into making sure everyone has a great trip.
— Rick G., Brighton, MA
In Patagonia
Berni’s leadership was one of the very best parts about this trip. Not only did she have expert knowledge about the area—history, customs, flora and fauna—but her enthusiasm was unbounded and contagious.
— Nancy F., Westmont, IL
In Patagonia
Bernie was amazingly great in every way! She was incredibly positive and smiling and happy to help in every way at all times, and wonderful about sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for Patagonia. I could not imagine a better trip leader.
— Jody N., Tiburon, CA
In Patagonia
Bernie was outstanding in every way—extremely knowledgable, always upbeat and positive, handled all of our logistics flawlessly, and she was delightful to talk to. She is a gem.
— Barry T., Austin, TX
In Patagonia
Bernie is wonderful. Her interactions are positive, warm, friendly, and informative. She has boundless energy and clearly loves what she is doing. She is an asset and enjoys sharing her knowledge.
— Ellen K., Anchorage, AK
In Patagonia
Bernie was great. Always upbeat, excited, and loved sharing her knowledge with us. She is very caring and just a wonderful guide overall.
— Sandy B., San Francisco, CA
Chile from Top to Bottom
The range of Bernie's skills—and her style—were examples of perfect leadership.
— Karen L., Englewood, CO
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Bernie is a gem. She made everything sparkle and shine with her enthusiasm, attention to detail, and her passion for the area.
— Laurie A., Jackson, WY
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Bernie made this trip the success it was for every participant. Friendly, cheerful, and even-tempered, she handled every issue with style and grace.
— Robert B., San Juan Capistrano, CA
In Patagonia
Bernie is amazing. What a charming, positive, and conscientiousness young lady!!
— Patricia L., Campbell, CA
In Patagonia
She is wonderful!!! She worked tirelessly to watch after us.
— Michael M., Atlanta, GA
In Patagonia
Bernie is exceptional—incredibly accommodating, helpful, and nice. She is an absolute pleasure to be with and the best trip leader I have ever had.
— Ellen K., Boulder, CO
In Patagonia
Berni was superior and is one of a handful of guides, on any continent, I have had that is this good in over 20 years of international travel.
— Scott F., New York, NY
In Patagonia
Berni could not have done a better job. She is fabulous at what she does. Always smiling, always happy, always helpful. She goes that extra mile and you can tell she loves people and loves what she does.
— Nancy F., Manakin Sabot, VA
In Patagonia
Berni was a great ambassador for her country and the region. We all loved her!
— Walter Z., Rye Brook, NY
In Patagonia
We think Bernie is incredible. Such a wonderful person as well as a fabulous trip leader. It would be a complete joy to be able to travel with her again. She is a lovely, lovely person.
— Page W., Wapiti, WY
In Patagonia
I cannot say enough good things about Bernie. Very qualified, smart, energetic, kind, engaging, thoughtful, knowledgeable. Best guide I have had on an adventure trip.
— Linda M., Wilmington, NC
In Patagonia
I don't think I have ever had a better guide. She is top notch, pleasant, and so knowledgeable.
— Reid M., Wilmington, NC
In Patagonia
Bernie is absolutely phenomenal. Talented, intelligent, observant, kind, charming, and delightful. Our family wanted to take her home with us!
— Radha N., Hillsborough, CA
In Patagonia
Berni was the best guide I've ever encountered with WT. Amazing personality, attitude, and energy.
— Barry P., Boulder, CO
In Patagonia
Bernie may be the best Trip Leader we have had on our many WT trips—and we have had some great ones. Wonderful personality and perfect organization. She is great!
— Judith J., Boulder, CO
In Patagonia
Bernie was the BEST! Her knowledge of the history and customs of Argentina plus her friendliness and positive demeanor were superb!
— Marcia A., Oakland, CA
Mountains, Lakes and Malbec
Berni was a delight, always smiling and upbeat. Her enthusiasm is contagious.
— Grace W., Mimbres, NM
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Bernie was great—but then so have been all the trip leaders from Wilderness whom I've dealt with. You folks have good taste.
— Tom C., Berkeley, CA
In Patagonia
Bernie is amazing! I cannot say enough about how organized, friendly, and flexible she is. I have never seen someone who seems to have so much fun doing their job. She was a delight to be around and thoroughly professional at the same time.
— Ivy S., Brooklyn, NY
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Bernie was an absolute delight and dedicated and committed to our enjoymemt.
— Kim K., Red Bank, NJ
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Truly passionate person about both her country and the clients' enjoyment and understanding of it. A pleasure to be with due to her positive and endless energy, buoyant personality, and knowledge of Patagonia and its people.
— Kevin H., Red Bank, NJ
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Berni is an absolute joy to travel with. She always had a smile on her face and made sure not only that everything was running smoothly but that everyone on the trip was having a good time.
— Carol B., Kensington, MD
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Bernie is a gifted leader. She is warm, friendly, smart, enjoys interacting with people, knowledgeable about the areas, about history and politics, and has infinite patience. She is simply amazing. We all LOVED her!
— Irene B., New York, NY
In Patagonia
Berni may very well be the best guide we've ever had with WT. She was excellent!
— Troy B., Chadds Ford, PA
Mountains, Lakes and Malbec
Bernie is one of the best tour leaders I've ever had. Very well organized, very knowledgeable, and just a pleasure to be around.
— Bob A., Tucson, AZ
Mountains, Lakes and Malbec
I cannot say enough about Berni. She was knowledgeable, organized, cheerful, available, in every way a pleasure. There didn't seem to be a single question, no matter how arcane, that she couldn't answer.
— Leah Z., Philadelphia, PA
Mountains, Lakes and Malbec
Bernie was outstanding and made the trip what it was.
— Todd J., Austin, TX
Patagonia Express
Bernie is a goddess! Fabulous energy, great appreciation of group dynamics, excellent management. Can’t say enough good things about her.
— Mary Ann W., Oakland, CA
Bernie made the tri a 10+! She’s an extremely talented person.
— Harold and Nancy L., Golden, CO
Bernie is one of the best leaders we’ve had on a trip. Everything ran smoothly and she is delightful company. We’d go anywhere Bernie wants to take us!
— Kurt G., San Francisco, CA
Organized, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and always cheerful. We would love to do another trip with her.
— Brenda H., Surrey, BC Canada
A delightful, always smiling, unflappable leader.
— Sarah M., Brooklyn, NY
Best Trip Leader ever!
— Joe M., San Antonio, TX
Berni is the best guide that I have ever had! From the beginning she understood the needs of each member of the group.
— Rahel R., Bethesda, MD
Berni was a major reason the trip was so outstanding. Her spirit, enthusiasm, upbeat and smiling persona were extraordinary. She truly enjoys her job! What a pleasure!
— Daisy R., New York, NY
A spectacular and fun trip!
— Trish K., Berkeley, CA
Bernie was a great trip leader, always up, and with a great smile and attitude.
— Charles C., Lebanon TN
In Patagonia
Bernie was always ready to help and answer questions with a smile. She understands group dynamics very well and is extremely dedicated to the success of the trip.
— Marie-Claire T., Danville CA
In Patagonia