Chultemjamts ankhaa

Ankhaa Chultemjamts

Born in Bulgan province, northern Mongolia, Ankhtsetseg Chultemjamts (Ankhaa for short) began traveling at a young age, following her father, a civil engineer who worked on various projects around the country. She spent most summers with her grandparents, who practiced traditional animal husbandry, herding livestock, milking cows, making traditional dairy products, and riding horses. As a student Ankhaa started working in the hospitality industry, eventually traveling to Ireland to attend a language school there, followed by several years in the hospitality industry in the UK, primarily in London. She began guiding upon returning home in 2010. Ankhaa is passionate about Mongolia, its history, culture, and traditions and loves sharing her love for the country. She is married and her interests include fitness, hiking, and everything to do with the great outdoors.

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