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Nicos Caravellas

Nicos Caravellas, born and raised in Greece, gained his love of nature early on family outings in northern Greece's mountainous countryside. During his university years, while earning his degree in teaching, he developed his mountaineering skills and decided to become a professional guide."I trained in climbing, avalanche rescue, and winter skills, but over the years, I've come to regard the mountains as a complete system of life, a place where animals, plants, and humans have been interacting for centuries. Mountain environments fascinate me and I continuously study the birds and plants as well as mountain history and legends, particularly the heritage of the Savoy people." Nicos is an expert on many mountain regions of Europe and also helps us design new adventures. Nicos first went to Nepal in 1993, where he fell in love with the people as well as the majestic mountains that tower above their villages. He has trekked throughout the Annapurna and Kali Gandaki regions, among the peaks of Langtang National Park, and visited the wildlife habitats of Royal Chitwan National Park. Nicos currently lives in the French Alps with his wife and three children.

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Client Testimonials

Nicos was truly outstanding. He excelled in knowledge of the regional culture and geography, knowledge of food and wine, concern for the environment, etc. For me, his most outstanding and endearing trait was his outgoing and engaging personality and his sensitivity to the group's wishes and desires. I would love to travel with him again.
— Bill B., Morris Plains, NJ
From Ticino to the Engadine
It is hard to imagine finding fault with anything Nicos could do or say. He was the consummate professional, yet warm and generous. The weakest hiker felt comfortable and the strongest got what they came for. We all loved him. He fed us very well, he never let us feel that there was anywhere else he would rather be than with us, he just cared for us like his family. We cannot imagine having taken the trip without him.
— Lynn M., Great Falls, VA
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Provence
Nicos was absolutely outstanding! He was exceptionally organized and prepared, very friendly and knowledgeable, and he readily shared his passion for the history, environment, and exploration of beautiful Provence. He was attentive, patient, and always concerned for our comfort and safety.
— Margaret and Everett T., Holtville, CA
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Provence
Nicos is a wilderness guide extraordinaire. Extremely competent for the outer journey, creating both safety and soaring joy. Equally competent for the inner journey, evoking courage and resilience in every participant. A treasure.
— Linda G., San Rafael, CA
Switzerland: The Via Alpina
Nicos is a truly compassionate, caring person who is able to ensure that every trip member has a great time.
— Dena B., Albany, CA
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
Nicos is an extraordinary trip leader who is very professional and an absolutely lovely, caring person. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is formidable as is his love of Provencal that he generously shared with us all. His senses are alive to all that surrounds him and he always enthusiastically pointed things out so that we would also take notice and enjoy.
— Angela T., Manhasset, NY
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Provence
Nicos is a trip leader par excellence. Knowledgeable, strong yet flexible as a leader, empathic to needs of participants, intuitive about what people need, passionate about teaching and expanding our experience.
— Linda G., San Rafael, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Nicos is a superb leader, very knowledgeable about a lot of subjects, including culture and history. I can't say enough positive about him.
— Nancy P., Newton Upper Falls, MA
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Provence
Nicos was an exceptional guide, very knowledgeable, very sensitive to participants' needs and interests, and had the flexibility to accommodate all of our diverse preferences, weave them together, and make the trip come out perfectly for everyone.
— Cathleen C., Silver Spring, MD
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
This was our second trip with Nicos—always a pleasure. Extremely knowledgeable of the history, culture, and environment of the area visited, no matter where, and he has a genuine concern that all trip members have a quality traveling experience.
— John S., Chicago, IL
Normandy and Brittany
I can see why Nicos is one of your most revered trip leaders. His experience, enthusiasm, and knowledge is unbelievable.
— Amanda H., Auckland, New Zealand
Tour du Mont Blanc
Nicos is absolutely delightful, and exudes a casual confidence that puts everyone immediately at ease.
— Wendy M., Philadelphia, PA
Snowshoeing in the Alps
Nicos is a lovely, sweet gentleman: kind, patient, hard-working. It is hard for me to imagine a better guide, and I would follow him on any trip anywhere.
— Alan G., Exeter, NH
Tour du Mont Blanc
Nicos is such a true gentleman and with unwavering service orientation. He was always highly attentive to all our needs, and always with that wonderful smile.
— Marilyn K., Pittsburgh, PA
Normandy and Brittany
Nicos is one of the best guides we have ever had, and we have taken 14 or 15 WT trips!
— Mary M., Stillwater, MN
Normandy and Brittany
Besides being a truly professional guide, experienced, hard working, with impeccable attention to detail, Nicos is a kind and caring individual who makes every effort to ensure each person's needs are met.
— Thelma A., Morristown, NJ
Normandy and Brittany
Nicos has a genuine warmth and enthusiasm that thoroughly added to the joy of this trip. I was so impressed with his knowledge of all the flora and fauna, as well as the history of the region. Besides being an accomplished guide, he is an extremely kind and caring individual.
— Olav H., Indianapolis, IN
Tour du Mont Blanc
Nicos is very close to being the ideal guide - thoughtful, articulate, knowledgeable, personable.
— Tom S., North Oaks, MN
Corsica and Sardinia
Nicos was great. Very knowledgeable, experienced, hard working, always positive, takes an interest in everyone and everything. Exceptionally thoughtful and makes a great effort to ensure everyone's needs are attended to. Another first rate guide!
— Catherine P., Toronto, ON
Corsica and Sardinia
Nicos is wonderful. I would go on any trip that he leads.
— Pamela G., Claremont CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Nicos is a class act. He has it all. Charm, expertise, sincerity in what he expresses to you. He is a perfect leader and host.
— Barb C., New York NY
Hiking in the Dolomites
One of the most sensitive, knowledgeable, entertaining trip leaders I’ve met. He tunes in to every person. You have a superb leader in Nicos! This was my third trip with him.
— Jean Y., Jackson WY
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Nicos was an excellent leader, exemplary in all areas. Thoughtful, flexible, knowledgeable, and a joy to travel with.
— Mary Jean M., Newton MA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Nicos Caravellas constantly went above and beyond. Kind, thoughtful, generous with his time. Can’t praise him highly enough.
— Marjean M., Salt Lake City, UT
Nicos was extremely knowledgeable, capable, organized, and charming! He did a great job of pacing the hikes so we all felt comfortable.
— Carrie M., Boise ID,
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Nicos Caravellas constantly went above and beyond. Kind, thoughtful, generous with his time. Can't praise him highly enough.
— Marjean M., Salt Lake City UT
Hiking Haute Provence
Nicos is an outstanding guide. His knowledge of history is exceptional and he is extremely sensitive to people's needs.
— Patricia T., Del Mar CA
Corsica and Sardinia
Nicos was fabulous, so knowledgeable, and he is wonderful and engaging company.
— Felicia G., Washington DC
Hiking Haute Provence
It was a real privilege to meet and spend time with Nicos. He is a wonderful leader and all around wonderful person.
— Sally W., Atlanta GA
Hiking Haute Provence
One of the best WT leaders. He is highly organized, thoughtful, with a great sense of humor.
— Frank D., Toronto, Canada
Hiking Haute Provence
I have been on 11 such trips over the past 17 years, and Nicos is by far the best Trip Leader I’ve ever had.
— Dianne L., Boise, ID
Nicos set a very manageable hiking pace and made us all feel very secure. He is warm, incredibly well informed, curious, and interested in others.
— Randi B., San Francisco CA
Blanc to the Mediterranean
Nicos is the best! We have traveled with him before and he always looks out for each hiker. A true professional.
— Angela D., Easton CT
Hiker’s Brittany
Nicos is an extremely effective Trip Leader. He is keenly aware of the needs of the group and individuals and it’s a pleasure hiking with him.
— Louise P., Easton CT
Hiker’s Brittany