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Bob Brunskill

Bob Brunskill is an Englishman with a decade of experience planning and executing diving excursions in Indonesia. He left the United Kingdom in 2003 in search of adventure, which led him to Thailand, where he gained his diving certification, and later to Indonesia. Ten years and more than 4,000 dives later, he continues to pursue his passion to explore and introduce travelers to the underwater haven of this spectacular corner of the world. "I have been working in Raja Ampat for the last decade and it continues to surprise me," he says. "Never the same twice, mother nature always amazes me, and it is a privilege to share this special experience with guests." He is fluent in Indonesian and has a deep appreciation for the people and culture there. Bob has played a major role in the refurbishment of the boat we use in Raja Ampat, and when he's not working on the boat and leading trips, he enjoys spending time with his son.

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Client Testimonials

Bob Brunskill taught us new information about the sea life, and showed us as much of the underwater world as possible. His attitude to the organization of the trip was professional, but informal. It is evident that he loves his work, loves snorkeling and diving, loves the ocean.
— Jiri K., Havlickuv Brod, Czech Republic
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
The guides make it or break it for this trip. Bob was exceptional—extremely knowledgeable, personable, excited about our adventure, confidence-inspiring, and a great manager of people, places, logistics.
— Rob D., Eugene, OR
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Bob was an outstanding leader in all regards. His knowledge of the area and marine life was amazing. He also was very adaptable to any of the guests’ needs. I felt lucky to have someone with his knowledge and experience be our leader.
— Dennis R., Bayside, CA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Bob is a fantastic leader. He was very attentive, knew his stuff, and made the trip really fun.
— Daria S., Bondi Junction, Australia
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Like every trip I've ever taken with Wilderness Travel, the guide made the trip. Bob was a wonderful trip leader. It occurred to me after I got home that he had a bigger job than any leader I've ever met, since he had responsibility for the boat as well as for us. And yet he was still comfortably relaxed and fun to be with. (I enjoyed his dry sense of humor.) I asked a lot of basic questions and Bob was patient with me. And Bob is an expert on fish and coral in Raja Ampat so our evening lectures were quite interesting. I'm no naturalist; if I enjoyed the lectures, that's a big recommendation!
— Susan S., Chicago, IL
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Bob was very attuned to everyone's safety and did a super job of keeping track of a very individualistic group. He was sensitive to everyone's needs.
— Katherine B., Palo Alto, CA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat