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Nicolas Blin

A Frenchman by birth, Nicolas (Nico) Blin has been leading hiking trips for 30 years. His outdoor skills include kayaking, fishing, and glacier climbing, and his French heritage makes him a wonderful chef. When not hiking in Iceland’s highlands, you might this world traveler exploring Polynesia, the Amazon, or the Galapágos.

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Client Testimonials

Nico was a pleasure to spend time with. He is an excellent guide and has a rich life experience to assist him in connecting with the participants. He was very friendly and helpful.
— Luisa F., Westport, CT
Iceland: Off the Beaten Path
Nico was the best, a true standout. He is a delightful raconteur, an accomplished historian, a hiking and camping expert, and a keen observer of touring groups and how each individual needs to be handled. Thank you for putting us in his trustworthy hands.
— Martha L., New Buffalo, MI
Iceland Expedition
Our guide Nico was terrific and I highly recommend him for future WT treks. His knowledge of the geothermal climate was masterful—it was like a classroom experience. He was personable and engaging, an A+ guide.
— Julie H., Chicago, IL
Iceland Expedition