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Peter Bersani

We always love a good expat story and Peter Bersani is no exception. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Peter has made his adopted home in the adventurous country of New Zealand for more than 25 years. An avid skier, hiker, and mountain biker, he loves exploring the many trails throughout Queenstown and the South Island, and his background as a chef and winemaker also makes him quite the connoisseur for local flavors. He enjoys a good quality craft beer and is eager to share his favorite places to eat and drink in the area. When not leading trips, you can often find Peter behind the wheel of his classic Alfa Romeo cruising the back roads of Central Otago.

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Client Testimonials

Peter was a fabulous guide! He always had a smile on his face, shared his incredible knowledge of food and wine with us, and told us all about the flora and fauna of each area we were in.
— Debra M., Los Gatos, CA
New Zealand: South Island Adventure
Pete was a wonderful trip leader. He showed us the best of the South Island (with views of Mt. Cook included!). His love of New Zealand was evident every day and in everything he shared and taught us.
— Susan B., Arlington, VA
New Zealand: South Island Adventure
Pete is awesome! Always eager to share his prodigious knowledge, very entertaining and engaging, highly professional, and an all-around fabulous traveling companion. I'd travel with him anywhere.
— Nancy F., New York, NY
New Zealand: Off the Beaten Path
Pete is a consummate professional. He is extremely knowledgeable, totally organized, and a pleasure to be with. He is one of my favorite guides of all time.
— Marshall Y., Los Altos, CA
New Zealand: Off the Beaten Path
Peter was an outstanding trip leader and guide in every way! He is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of New Zealand, and he is a consummate professional. His kindness and patience are essential to who he is, and his knowledge of the wine business was so interesting to learn about. Peter looked for every opportunity to work in extra fun on the itinerary, whether it was a quick stop to look at a beautiful view or finding the best out-of-the-way ice cream shop to go grab a treat.
— Virginia K., Seattle, WA
New Zealand: South Island Adventure
Peter was incredibly knowledgeable, well organized, a great chef, and a terrific traveling/hiking companion. A great guy and great guide! He went the extra mile for us and we feel like he's now a friend.
— Diane S., Greenville, SC
New Zealand: South Island Adventure
Peter was exceptional: thoughtful, beautifully organized, an easy manner of interacting with all of us.
— Herb P., Washington, DC
New Zealand: South Island Adventure
Joan and I have traveled extensively and we both agree that Peter was probably the best guide we have encountered. Knowlegeable, understanding, considerate, fun.
— Jerry K., Selbyville, DE
New Zealand: South Island Adventure
I have taken many Wilderness Travel trips and Peter has to be one of the very best guides I have traveled with. He is smart, kind, engaging, and provided in-depth information about the places we visited.
— Catherine W., Larkspur, CA
New Zealand: South Island Adventure
Peter was a fantastic leader, very understanding and aware of people's individual needs.
— Sally R., Dillsburg, PA
New Zealand: Off the Beaten Path
Peter is an excellent guide, resourceful and flexible. On the trail he was upbeat, helpful, and knowledgeable about plants, trees, and bird life.
— Daniel D., Roberts Creek, BC
New Zealand: Off the Beaten Path