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Karen Bell

Karen Bell, born in the northwest of England, is a specialist of all things English and a lover of the country and its varied landscapes. The wife of veteran Trip Leader Richard Bell, she is a medical scientist, world traveler, and keen naturalist who has an uncanny ability to identify just about every plant and flower we’ll see along our hiking trails. Karen is a delightful traveling companion who brings enthusiasm and good energy to every trip.

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I enjoyed Karen's knowledge of the birds, plants, flowers, history, and culture of the area.
— Louise S., El Cajon, CA
Hiking in Cornwall
Karen was a great addition to the trip with her vast knowledge of the local history, culture, fauna, and geology.
— Kerstin E., Belvedere Tiburon, CA
England Coast to Coast
Karen has a wonderful spirit, and had thoroughly researched all sorts of details about history, geology, flora, fauna, and more, so our hikes were filled with interesting stories and information.
— Carol B., Redwood City, CA
England Coast to Coast