Bedos bonaterra laia

Laia Bedós Bonaterra

Laia is a welcoming guide who loves sharing her home country of Spain with travelers. Originally from Catalonia, she has been inspired by the arts of the region and earned a PhD in Fine Arts, offering wonderful insight to the culture of the area. When she is not guiding or leading art workshops, Laia enjoys rock climbing and exploring different peaks all around the world. She is a charming and knowledgeable Trip Leader who will welcome you to the splendors of Spain.

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Client Testimonials

Laia is a ray of sunshine—positive, upbeat, and great fun. She has a wealth of hiking and climbing knowledge, which she was happy to share.
— Lawrence G., East Falmouth, MA
Hiking the Spanish Pyrenees
I loved being around Laia. She is a lovely person: kind, considerate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very patient. I learned about hiking from her.
— Valerie T., Manchester, MI
Hiking the Spanish Pyrenees
Laia always had a smile on her face! She was super helpful whenever help was needed and had great patience.
— Kimberly E., Tacoma, WA
Hiking the Spanish Pyrenees
Laia was a fabulous guide! She motivated us and was a joy to be with.
— Carole S., Lakeside, MI
Hiking the Spanish Pyrenees
Laia was an exceptional guide with a passion for her country. Her utmost concern was for her clients and their trip enjoyment. She had a thorough knowledge of the area in which we hiked and shared her love for the Pyrenees with us. She was professional at all times and yet loved to laugh and joke with us. I would consider myself blessed to be able to do another hike with her!
— Jean S., Lakeside, MI
Hiking the Spanish Pyrenees