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Franco Baldinelli

Franco (“Frasco”) Baldinelli was born in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires but ever since childhood, his dream was to live in Patagonia. After getting his degree in Tourism, he moved to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, and he has been a guide for 10 years. He has a true passion for this spectacular part of his home country, a terrific knowledge of the people and natural history of the area, and a great sense of humor. He speaks good English, fluent Italian, and of course, Spanish, his native tongue. When not guiding, Frasco spends most of his free time hiking and camping in the Patagonian mountains and he also enjoys birding and photography.

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Client Testimonials

Frasco was the best trip leader I could imagine! His warmth, humor, knowledge, and planning made him a wonderful leader and travel companion.
— Sandy R., Kirkland, WA
In Patagonia
Simply outstanding. Frasco (Franco) did an amazing job. He's knowledgeable, responsible, friendly, and hysterically funny. We loved every minute with him.
— Lee S., Denver, CO
In Patagonia
I talk about Franco in superlatives! He shepherded us carefully and with a wonderful sense of humor. He is knowledgeable, accessible, and clearly loves the land and his work. His enthusiasm contributed to our enjoyment.
— Carolyn R., Shepherdstown, WV
In Patagonia
Franco was a superb leader...knowledgeable, funny, kind, and did just a wonderful job! We always felt well taken care of and he managed to look as if he was having a great time, too!
— Cherie and Bob J., Anchorage, AK
In Patagonia
Frasco, with his casual demeanor and kind sense of humor, did a wonderful job of shielding us from the enormous effort involved in moving us around, preparing every day for the best experience possible, interacting with our guides and local people, and taking care of us when someone needed extra support. He is smart, clever, resourceful, and appreciates all aspects of the natural world and his cultural environment.
— Alicia K., Grosse Pointe Park, MI
In Patagonia
Frasco was an excellent leader: always “on,” full of information, able to cope seamlessly with unanticipated issues, great sense of humor. He added a lot of fun and information to the trip.
— Ellen F., Boulder, CO
In Patagonia
Frasco was in all respects AWESOME! Knowledgeable, friendly, engaged, great sense of humor.
— Bill E., Carmel Valley, CA
In Patagonia
A sensitive, caring, funny, smart guide. We were lucky!
— Peggy P., Oakland, CA
In Patagonia
Franco was truly outstanding and extraordinary. Extremely knowledgeable with great communication and relationship skills.
— Mark G., Pacific Grove, CA
In Patagonia
Franco is an amazing guide. He is funny, relaxed, knowledgeable about plants, animals, birds, and geology. He was remarkably sensitive to the needs of everyone in the group and struck the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure.
— Pam F., Seattle, WA
In Patagonia
‘Frasco’ was a spectacular guide. He was knowledgeable and attentive, but never overbearing. He was genuinely friendly, could make a quick study of people and places, and always kept enhancing the group with his sense of humor.
— Stephen H., Solana Beach, CA
In Patagonia
Within the first 15 minutes, Franco had all our names memorized and which were our luggage. He always went above and beyond, and had great knowledge and interesting facts to share! My favorite guide!
— Betsy K., Asheboro, NC
In Patagonia