Baldi teresa

Teresa Baldi

Teresa Baldi, daughter of veteran WT Trip Leader Stefano Baldi, grew up on a farm owned by her family on the hills surrounding Florence. She has a degree in art history at the University of Florence and when she is not helping on the farm, a working agriturismo, she is employed at a nearby first-class restaurant, where she developed a passion for good food and wines. “It was great for me to grow up on a farm with plenty of animals and fantastic trails to explore and, at the same time, have the opportunity to study the beauty of art right in the streets of my home town. A hop on the bus and you step from nature to the glories of the Renaissance.”

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Client Testimonials

Teresa is a keeper! Her calm, open demeanor made her so easy to be around, and her obviously well honed organizational skills helped the trip run as smoothly as it did.
— Sharon H., Santa Monica, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Teresa is a jewel. Endless patience, good humor, strong, a steady presence.
— Trish H., Saint Helena, CA
Corsica and Sardinia
Teresa was fabulous. She really knows the Dolomites and it is clear that she loves the area. She was so helpful in finding hikes that were good for me personally.
— Anne M., Los Gatos, CA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Teresa was an amazing guide! Her enthusiasm and knowledge of this area of Italy, of wine, of truffles, of Italian language, of the local plants, is fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her.
— Janet L., Ballwin, MO
The Kingdom of Truffles and Barolo
Teresa enlivened the group with her wit, energy, constant attention, and knowledge.
— Verona R., Boulder, CO
Corsica and Sardinia
Teresa made an excellent second team leader. She was funny, energetic, and very supportive of the group. Her sunny smile and enthusiasm were delightful.
— Gay T., Fort Myers, FL
Corsica and Sardinia