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Stefano Baldi, of Tuscany, has led hiking trips in Europe for us for more than 20 years. He has spent most of his life living in the beautiful rural countryside of Tuscany, except for a few years in Florence as a student. His love for nature led him to found an agricultural co-op with friends in the 1970s, and a decade later, he started his own farm in the hills north of Florence, where he now lives with his wife and two daughters. "Food is one of my strongest interests. I'm always curious about the cuisine of other places. I think the understanding of a different culture can come through the palate. For this reason, I love cooking and eating and I do both very (too) much." Outside of Tuscany, one of Stefano's favorite places is Sardinia "for its spectacular, wild landscape and deep Mediterranean roots. The genuine traditions kept alive here have a direct link with pagan times and are truly a part of everyday life in Sardinia." When not leading trips for us, Stefano grows organic vegetables, keeps bees, and raises Cinta Senese, the traditional small boars of the Siena region, now endangered. He spent five years restoring two old houses on his property, one of which is now an agriturismo accommodation.

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I would follow Stefano anywhere in the world and trust that he would make the trip memorable, full of laughter, and well organized
— Anne C., North Oaks, MN
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano has achieved the status of ‘legendary’ based on this tour that he designed and leads several times each year. He has an aura of competency and civility that are all well deserved. His love of these islands stands out and infects the other leaders and participants. Deserving of top marks+++ .
— Doug W., Canmore, AB
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano is Captain Sardinia! His love of both islands was infectious. I also loved his appreciation for the Slow Food movement. The hiking was not extreme, but the eating was...and I mean that in a good way.
— Kerry L., Bishop, CA
Corsica and Sardinia
This was a truly remarkable trip by a leader who is experienced, motivated, and obsessed by his love of Sardinia and its people and traditions.
— Allan M., Mount Kisco, NY
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
Stefano is an excellent guide. His planning of the itinerary was excellent. He conveyed his love of his country, the region and its food, wine and culture. I hope to go on another trip with Stefano.
— Barbara H., Washington, DC
The Kingdom of Truffles and Barolo
Stefano is amazing. He was great at accommodating each and every participant’s quirky requests without compromising the group in any way. I think he is a truly a special person. He really takes pride in what he does and does it really well—that shines through.
— Arathi S., Villanova, PA
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefan was a wonderful trip leader. It's clear he is very knowledgable and engaged with Sardinia and Corsica, and is committed to having his clients experience their beauty and culture.
— Leslie S., Chicago, IL
Corsica and Sardinia
I enjoyed Stefano's love and knowledge of the terrain we traveled over, and of course his intimate knowledge of the cuisine.
— Donna A., Golden, CO
Volcanoes of Southern Italy
Stefano added a great deal to the experience with his excellent understanding of geology, culture, and love for the Dolomites!
— Margaret K., Stanford, CA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
When Stefano is leading a trip, you know that it will be great.
— Malcolm S., Corona, CA
Volcanoes of Southern Italy
Stefano could not have been a better leader. He brought his wisdom and passion for the trip each day. He paid great personal attention to each hike and historic site, and did a wonderful job at managing the group and setting expectations to avoid any concerns or disconnects.
— Warren J., Short Hills, NJ
Corsica and Sardinia
We will seek out future trips that are led by Stefano because of his knowledge, charm, and relentless attention to making every possible aspect of the trip exceptional.
— Larry P., Santa Fe, NM
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano was attuned to our capabilities and our well-being, and was knowledgeable about the history, geology, and culture of the places we hiked. He was fun to share meals with (and he chose wonderful wines!).
— Sara Nell D., Seabeck, WA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
A man with the skill, expertise, knowledge, and patience required to be the consummate guide that he is. His droll humor and excellent hiking style made every day entertaining and above all safe.
— Josie V., Woodbridge, Ontario
Volcanoes of Southern Italy
Stefano is quite knowledgeable about the area. He is charming, kind, and thoughtful and a very experienced leader with great concern for the quality of our experience and every detail of the trip. He was a true pleasure and privilege to travel with.
— Diana R., San Francisco, CA
Corsica and Sardinia
Steafano is a presence...professional, wise, intelligent in so many ways. His love of Sardinia is contagious, and his many contacts in the area made all the difference in terms of our local immersion.
— Abby W., Woodbury, CT
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
It was obvious that Stefano is a much-loved visitor to Sardinia, as everywhere we went he was greeted like a long-lost friend. His relationships with people like the beekeeper, the shepherds, and the wine maker made the trip very special. And much to our delight, he was determined to expose us to every edible and drinkable delicacy both Corsica and Sardinia had to offer! He described the hikes accurately, kept an ideal pace, and conveyed a deep passion for all of the archaeological sites we visited. I would probably follow him to the ends of the earth if he said it was a good place to go and led the way!
— Julie L., Harbour Island, Bahamas
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano was a fountain of knowledge and information on topics ranging from the flora and fauna to the wine, food, and history of the region. His quiet manner, dry humor, and clear appreciation and love of the Dolomites and all they offer added a very special touch to the trip.
— Lori W., Charlottesville, VA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Warmth, finesse, steady, funny, quiet leadership. Stefano handled everything with apparent effortlessness and concern.
— Verona R., Boulder, CO
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano was simply an excellent team leader—accomplished, well-informed, patient, humorous, and supportive. Plus you have to appreciate someone who doles out fine chocolate along the trail!
— Gay T., Fort Myers, FL
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano is a real gem. He made me laugh and had such great insight into the food, wine, area, and culture. I would definitely join a trip just to have him as our leader again!
— Sarah I., San Diego, CA
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy’s Gourmet Trail
Stefano made the trip. He is a rare renaissance man, and I learned a lot. Dining with him is La Dolce Vita.
— Logan R., Bloomfield Hills, MI
Corsica and Sardinia
A fascinating man with an extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge about all aspects of our trip.
— Susan S., Greenwich, CT
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano loves Sardinia and it shows in every aspect of his approach to the trip. His enthusiasm for the festivals and the culture is infectious and enhances the trip for his clients.
— Malcolm S., Corona, CA
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
Stefano was really interesting with a great sense of humor, and kind and patient with hikers. He has a vast history and knowledge of the region and of Italy, and is very happy to share. He is a real gem.
— Mary Elizabeth R., Anchorage, AK
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Stefano is a number one leader. His knowledge of the islands and culture made this trip incredible. He pays attention to details and it was a pleasure having him as the Trip leader.
— Esther C., Stamford, CT
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano is a master—knowledgeable, approachable, and flexible.
— Roy G., Sunriver, OR
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano was superb in every respect. We loved every hike, every hotel, every meal, every joke. We particularly enjoyed the engaging way he interacted with the local island people, and introduced us to their culture and way of life.
— Jobie S., Trumbull, CT
Corsica and Sardinia
We appreciated Stefano's deep knowledge of Italian culture, agriculture, and cuisine, and his wry sense of humor.
— Pam B., Newton Center, MA
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy's Gourmet Trail
Stefano was a wonderful addition to the trip. His knowledge of the local flora and fauna on the hikes was a very unexpected bonus. A very wise, experienced, and delightful leader!
— Julie R., Bainbridge Island, WA
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy's Gourmet Trail
Stefano was charming and had a great dry sense of humor. He answered all our questions about Italian customs, food, and culture and gave us great insights to all.
— Lisa S., Sacramento, CA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Stefano is hilarious! Very understated, philosophical sense of humor, great stories about farming in Italy.
— Bix W., Pebble Beach, CA
Normandy and Brittany
Stefano's passion for the people and culture of Sardinia made the trip exceptional in many ways.
— Jim H., San Luis Obispo, CA
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
Stefano is outstanding on all fronts and an exceptional trip leader. This was my third trip with him, and he continues to impress me with his knowledge of the area, ability to select great restaurants, and attention to detail and good humor.
— Rob K., Pound Ridge, NY
Ultimate Dolomites
Stefano is passionate about the area and takes great care in making sure guests have a well rounded experience of both Corsica and Sardinia—from food to culture to hiking! I would not hesitate to sign up for a trip he was leading.
— Michelle J., Irvine, CA
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano is a professional, sensitive, and thoughtful guide. Also, his sense of humor makes him very pleasant company!
— Thelma A., Morristown, NJ
Normandy and Brittany
Stefano did a superb job of handling all the trip details effortlessly...or so it seemed to us! Everything ran very smoothly. His knowledge and love of the area made it feel like we were traveling with "old friends" who truly enjoying sharing their experiences with us!
— Pat S., North Oaks, MN
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano was great. Very knowledgeable regarding the area (particularly Sardinia) and you can tell he loves it there. Very professional, flexible, and responsive to differing needs of group members, yet at the same time has a laid back, relaxed demeanor and is very pleasant company.
— Catherine P., Toronto, ON
Corsica and Sardinia
What a pleasure it was to have Stefano as our leader! His love for and passion to show us the best of Corsica and Sardinia was evident throughout the trip. He also cared very much about the well being and enjoyment of each of us and made accommodations based on our requests and needs.
— Thelma A., Morristown, NJ
Corsica And Sardinia
Stefano's knowledge of and personal dedication to educating his clients about Corsica and Sardinia (geography, people, culture, food) made the trip a pleasure.
— Peter C., San Francisco, CA
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano was fantastic! His love for the area—history, geography, cuisine, and wines was apparent every step of the way.
— Sandy H., Indianapolis IN
Stefano was extremely flexible and sensitive to our interests and needs. Many extras were built in based on our requests. I would do one his trips again.
— Cecily H., San Carlos, CA
Corsica and Sardinia
Stefano Baldi is a real master working on his "home court," In-depth personal knowledge of the geography, culture, history, cuisine, and wine. An absolutely superb leader.
— Harvey S., Huntington VT
Corsica and Sardinia
This was our 4th trip with Stefano, a confident, kind humorous man. He enjoys all kinds of hikers.
— Walter E., Etna, NH
Corsica to Sardina
He’s just a winner—knowledgeable, organized, sensitive to participants needs, charming and fun sense of humor!
— Angus and Elisabeth R., Norwich, VT
Corsica to Sardina
Stefano Baldi is fantastic. He leads with a good pace. His choice of restaurants and food was superb.
— Susan and Tony C., Del Mar CA
Once again, Stefano ran a trip in exemplary fashion. His love of the area was obvious and he easily generated equal enthusiasm with us. WT should be proud to have such leaders on its staff.
— Michael W., Stamford, CT
Volcanoes of Southern Italy
Aptly named “El Maestro,” Stefano’s expertise, knowledge, and passion totally infused our experience.
— Lynne G., New York NY
Corsica & Sardinia
Stefano worked to create experiences for us that penetrated the surfaces of the culture. He infected us with his love of Sardinia, its people, its foods, its landscape. I very much appreciated his love of good food and wine.
— Carol C., Menlo Park CA
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
Stefano was a wonderful leader. His contacts with the local Sardinians made the trip very special. He loves this place! His enthusiasm was contagious.
— Gordon C., Menlo Park CA
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
It was our third trip with Stefano and we always enjoy his enthusiasm and expertise.
— Barbara R., San Diego, CA
Great Hikes & Chefs of Northern Italy