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David Atela

David Atela, a graduate of the Universidad del País Vasco in northern Spain’s Basque country, has written several guidebooks on the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, and has studied the geology and ecology of many of Spain’s mountain regions. He has also worked as a climbing guide in Spain and the French Alps. When not guiding in the mountains, David works as a secondary school teacher for math and science in Benasque, a village and mountain resort in the heart of the Pyrenees.

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Client Testimonials

David was the most attentive, interactive, accommodating Trip Leader! His knowledge about the area, its history and culture was truly informative. It made the trip more than just a ‘walk on The Camino.’ His selections of hotels, restaurants, and bars were excellent, which also added to the overall trip enjoyment. He is an absolute gem!
— Mary Ann R., San Jose, CA
Pilgrim's Way
David was an excellent guide. He was attentive to all participants and eager to share his knowledge about wines, food, history, etc. He had a great since of humor and wanted everyone to have a good time. We would definitely sign up for another trip with David as our guide!
— Debbie D., Oklahoma City, OK
Pilgrim's Way
Loved David's knowledge of flora and fauna, his obvious love of Spain's mountains, his beautifully drawn weather and route maps—and his singing! Such individual touches made the trip so wonderful!
— Pat F., Warren, RI
Pilgrim's Way
David was inclusive, knowledgeable, kind, generous, patient, entertaining...above all, a true professional.!
— Gloria G., Dallas, TX
Pilgrim's Way
David was right up there with Patricia. He never stopped working from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. He is so warm and thoughtful and eager to share his experience and knowledge— an amazing fellow.
— Betsy S., Kennebunkport, ME
Pilgrim's Way
In terms of interaction with participants, David was beyond excellent. A lovely man, very knowledgeable, good to talk with along the trail, and great with meal and wine choices. Couldn't have asked for a kinder, more accommodating person.
— Judy C., Albany, CA
Pilgrim's Way
David is a rock star! He looked after each and every one of us, and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable, happy, safe, and having an excellent trip. He is a ball of endless, boundless energy and one of the most genuinely happy and full of life people I have met in a long, long time.
— Margaret V., Danville, CA
Pilgrim's Way
David was amazing, so thoughful and accomodating! The hospitality was beyond belief, like walking the camino with an old friend.
— Jeffrey S., Santa Barbara, CA
Pilgrim's Way
David was the ideal guide. His friendly, easy-going manner serves him well. He added so much to the trip with details about various locales. Best of all, it is very apparent that he loves his work!
— Shepherd P., Charlotte, NC
Pilgrim's Way
David is a gem, thoughtful and attentive. He even sang a beautiful Spanish folk song on the trail when asked!
— Annette C., Eureka, CA
Pilgrim's Way
David has a great sense of humor and interacted with everyone in a very caring manner.
— Ellie Z., Bethesda, MD
Pilgrim's Way
David was very considerate of participants’ needs and went ‘the extra mile’ to help each person.
— Lelia L., Larkspur, CA
Pilgrim's Way
We called him ‘el professor’—so much knowledge! He was just a pleasure.
— Denise M., Portland, OR
Pilgrim's Way
David is absolutely brilliant and knows so much Spanish history that added considerably to our knowledge as we traveled.
— Carol S., Larkspur, CA
Pilgrim's Way
David was a great addition to the trip. We all learned a great deal about the Picos because he was so very generous is sharing his expertise. I know this made the trip much more meaningful for all of us.
— Susan W., Albuquerque, NM
Bilbao and the Picos de Europa
David added an enormous amount of information about the Picos de Europa, and was very friendly and helpful.
— Jane S., Albuquerque, NM
Bilbao and the Picos de Europa
David's knowledge of the Picos was extraordinary, but he was also a kind companion and a helpful friend.
— Michael E., New York, NY
Bilbao and the Picos de Europa