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Samia Asindamu

Samia Asindamu, born and raised on the southwest slopes of Kilimanjaro, lives in Arusha, Tanzania, with his family. A professional mountain guide since 1993, Samia is a veteran of many Kili climbs—he has summited Kili more than 300 times and knows all of Kili’s routes. His training includes National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) courses in Advanced Technical Climbing and Wilderness First Aid Response, and he has studied ornithology, botany, and mammalogy. In 1999, Samia won first prize in a Kilimanjaro summit race: he ran from the trailhead at Lemosho (7,500’) to the summit of Kili (Uhuru Peak, 19,340’) and back down to Mweka Gate (5,600’) in just 18 hours! Samia has a great sense of humor and loves sharing stories, watching wildlife, playing soccer, and listening to music. He speaks English, Swahili, and his mother tongue, Chagga.

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Client Testimonials

Samia was an absolutely outstanding guide. His expertise was obvious, and he was kind, knowledgeable, and pleasant in his interactions with guests, porters, and other assistant guides. He made me feel safe at all times, and confident that we were in good hands on this challenging trip.
— Irene R., Steilacoom, WA
Climb Kilimanjaro!
I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed working with Samia. He is an EXCELLENT guide, an expert of the mountain, a fantastic leader, and a careful caretaker of all individuals on our trip. It was clear that he has the respect of everyone on the mountain—as we climbed, every porter (whether from our trip or another one) greeted him.
— Jacqueline V., Atlanta, GA
Climb Kilimanjaro!
Samia is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and supportive. He knew what individuals needed and tailored his approach to provide it.
— Sandra H., Palatine, IL
Climb Kilimanjaro!
Samia MADE this experience. He was incredible—supportive, knowledgeable, and resourceful.
— James B., Santa Monica, CA
Climb Kilimanjaro!
One of the best leaders I have ever met.
— Ken K., Bakersfield, CA
Climb Kilimanjaro!
Samia was knowledgeable, likeable, and had excellent leadership and people skills. He clearly knew the mountain like the back of his hand (we were his 323rd summit), and managed the trip smoothly and effectively. We knew we were in good hands throughout the entire trip. Samia and his assistant guides were client- and safety-focused through the trip, and made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
— Susan F., Seattle, WA
Climb Kilimanjaro!
Samia's experience on Kilimanjaro is vast, and it showed every minute with his seemingly effortless execution of the trip.
— Keith W., Seattle, WA
Climb Kilimanjaro!
Samia was a fountain of information! Wonderful personality with great stories to tell.
— Carrie S., Redmond, WA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
I don't think I could have made it to the top of Kilimanjaro without Samia. He is not only knowledgable about the terrain and climate, but also extremely well prepared and informed regarding altitude sickness and first aid. He was always a joy to be around, full of warmth and compassion. I couldn't have been in better hands.
— Gina S., New York, NY
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Samia was an incredibly gifted leader. He provided feedback every day, prepared us at dinner with next day expectations and goals, recapped the day, and alway reiterated everything at breakfast. We had absolute trust in his capabilities and ability as a guide and as a leader.
— Martin B., North Wales, PA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Samia Asindamu easily exemplifies the same kind of professionalism, expertise, and skills with people that I have seen in the best of other climbing guides over the years. Without him, it is hard to imagine this trip being as successful as it was.
— Ken C., Tacoma, WA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Samia was the BEST trip leader—knowledgeable, experienced, kind, hardworking, calm, personable, funny. And what a great storyteller! Although I was in good shape and had trained extensively for the trip, I don't think I would have made it to the summit without his guidance. It is a testiment to him that the entire gruop was able to summit.
— Marti A., Denver, CO
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Samia was wonderful in ALL ways. In addition to his competence, he was caring, concerned, interesting to talk to about all manner of issues, and fun!
— Phyllis L., Middletown, CT
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
This was my fifth Wilderness trip (and I've traveled with other companies too), and Samia is among the top guides I've ever had. I would go up the mountain with him any day.
— Michelle W., Johannesburg, South Africa
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
It was truly Samia's expertise and commentment to detail that got us all to the top of Kilimanjaro. He was fabulous.
— Ellen C., El Cajon, CA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Excellent, excellent guide. Knowledgable, fun, kind, smart, helpful, wonderful in every way.
— Sharon D., Portsmouth, NH
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Phenomenal guide. Intelligent, well-read, excellent people skills, and enjoyable to talk to. A real expert.
— Neil W., Spokane, WA
Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari
Samia was outstanding. He’s an extremely capable and versatile Trip Leader with a very impressive array of practical knowledge.
— Kit J., Portland OR
We totally enjoyed our guide Samia. A true professional in every respect. It was nice to have a native Tanzanian head up the trip—brought the local flavor to us.
— Drew and Rose G., St. Louis MO
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro
I would do Kili again. I probably will, especially if Samia Asindamu is the leader and Shira is the route up...The professionalism and friendliness of your office staff sold me on the trip.
— Emanuela A., Fremont CA
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro
Best guide I’ve ever had, and always looking to make the experience better! Samia kept us feeling safe, always kept us engaged in the experience, and has terrific knowledge.
— Phil C., Danville CA
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro
I thought Samia Asindamu was fabulous. He was experienced, capable, professional, and a pleasure to deal with.
— Sandra K., Bronxville, NY
Samia Asindamu is an incredible guide, a gifted diplomat, a true leader and friend to everyone on his trips.
— Richard S., Laredo, TX
The best! I learned true compassion from his actions toward me and others in the group.
— Robert P., Reston VA
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro
Excellent all around. Very caring and concerned, with an obvious love of the mountain and a great sense of humor. He takes is responsibilities very seriously. I cannot say enough good things about him.
— Sandra B., Sacramento CA
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro