Aruta giuseppe

Giuseppe Aruta

With an extensive background in geology and deep roots in his Italian heritage, Giuseppe Aruta leads guests through medieval hill towns, the Dolomites and Italy’s Lake District, paying special attention to how people travel through their sense of taste, experiencing the wondrous world of Italian cuisine. He was born in Naples, studied and worked in Florence, and is now a resident of Bologna, the culinary capital of Italy, yet often explores outside of his home country. “I consider myself curious about everything—art, science, food, human relationships, dancing, painting, math,” he says. “I enjoy sharing my knowledge with people from other countries, and in return, I also learn a lot from them,” Those who have been on his trips can testify to his unending wisdom about each trip he leads. Upon the return from a trip with Giuseppe, one client noted, “Whether providing a gourmet lunch, or sharing his knowledge of geology, plants, and Tuscan history, Giuseppe reflected the best of Wilderness Travel.”

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Client Testimonials

Giuseppe was an exceptional guide. He had a deep understanding of the history and geology of the area and was attentive and anticipated everyone’s needs. He was warm and engaging.
— Denise C., New York, NY
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Northern Italy
This was our second trip with Giuseppe. He is warm, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and capable. Excellent driver, excellent teacher. I feel genuine friendship, and I will happily choose another trip with Giuseppe.
— Joel P., Spring Lake, NJ
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy's Gourmet Trail
Giuseppe was the best! He quietly, intelligently, and graciously supported each of us, intuitively understanding what we needed. His knowledge of the area was extensive.
— Susan M., Burlingame, CA
Tuscany, Portofino, and the Cinque Terre
Giuseppe was a fantastic guide—incredibly knowledgeable about history, politics, and science.
— Martha P., Atlanta, GA
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy's Gourmet Trail
Giuseppe is a natural teacher and we learned a lot from him regarding the natural history and geologic evolution of the region we were in. It was like having a naturalist guide on the trip, which provided an outstanding added dimension.
— Bill B., Morris Plains, NJ
From Ticino to the Engadine
Giuseppe was a delight. He was extremely helpful and exceeded expectations.
— Robert S., Randolph, NJ
Italy's Lake District
Giuseppe was a great guide. He always showed great concern for the participants and went the extra mile to be sure we were comfortable, safe, and enjoying the experience.
— Lou L., Alamo, CA
Italy's Lake District
Giuseppe is the best! He worked so hard to make sure everyone had a good time and that our needs were attended to. I enjoyed my conversations with him and all he had to share about Italy and its culture.
— Steve B., Colleyville, TX
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Pepe was wonderful, very informative, knowledgable, caring, funny, and patient!
— Naomi G., Tucson, AZ
From Ticino to the Engadine
Giuseppe's geological knowledge was impressive and his ability to convey it in a simple understandable was a bonus.
— Jobie S., Trumbull, CT
Corsica and Sardinia
Giuseppe is incredibly kind, conscientious, and always looking out for the guests.
— Janice R., Houston, TX
Rome to Ravenna
Giuseppe is a kind, knowledgable, and perceptive man. He was immensely helpful, knows an amazing amount about a lot of things, is a good teacher, and sensitive to individual moods/feelings/needs. And a great picnic chef in the bargain.
— Ann R., Columbia, SC
From Ticino to the Engadine
Guiseppe is a kind, sincere, considerate and knowlegeable trip leader, always ready to inform on a range of topics. His love of food, music, and place shows through at all times.
— Charles N., Indian Wells, CA
Amalfi and Capri
Guiseppe added a lot to our experience. His background as a geologist gave us depth and information that made our hikes even more enjoyable. It was truly a learning experience.
— John E., Northport, MI
Amalfi and Capri
Whether providing a gourmet lunch, sharing his knowledge of geology, plants and Tuscan history, or assisting with logistic requirements, Giuseppe reflected the best of Wilderness Travel.
— John M., Woodbridge, VA
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Giuseppe was the perfect mix of intelligent and gracious host, interesting and informative guide, amazing and creative preparer of gourmet lunches.
— Patty B., Freeport, ME
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany
Guiseppe was a pure joy to have on the trip. He was informative, fun and extremely helpful.
— Lynn R., Union City, CA
Tuscan Trails
Giuseppe was outstanding in all respects.
— Glenn R., Towaco, NJ
Tuscan Hilltowns
Guisseppe’s academic acumen and jokes made the trip even better.
— Frank and Pat F., Calgary, Canada
Tuscan Trails
Giuseppe was a reliable, interactive, and very knowledgeable leader.
— Judith S., Ithaca NY
Tuscan Hilltowns
Giuseppe is intellectually engaging, a top-class chef, excellent driver, and funny to boot.
— Hank Z., San Diego, CA
Medieval Hilltowns of Tuscany