Armannsdottir dogg

Dögg Ármannsdóttir

Dögg is a native of Iceland and a true nature lover. With a background in management, she started leading trips on the side for fun. But once she realized taking travelers out onto the trails of Iceland was something she truly had a passion for, she never looked back. Since becoming a guide, Dögg has returned to university to study Icelandic nature and geology. She has traveled around the world and lived in many different places, but she always comes back to her homeland and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. She finds the nature, geology, and landscapes of Iceland utterly inspiring, and also has a soft spot for Iceland’s friendly people. Dögg is a dedicated mountaineer, skier, and cyclist, and she’s always up for the next adventure.

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Client Testimonials

Dogg was energetic, fun, and very knowledgeable about all of Iceland. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude was infectious and made the trip lots of fun.
— Marianne B., Sammamish, WA
Iceland Expedition
Dögg's sense of humor was delightful! She blended with the group seamlessly and offered a wealth of knowledge that positively contributed to our trip experience. She is an outstanding leader.
— John N., Salt Lake City, UT
Iceland Expedition